As fall comes upon us, there is always one guest we can count on to make a special appearance : The Sunflower.  The bright, friendly flower is a true day brightener – just like its namesake!  Today’s beautifully vibrant wedding at The Southern Mansion in Cape May NJ features tons of happy sunflowers, a glowing bride and groom, and a dance party we wish we were a part of.

Alyssa was an especially adorable bride, and we love her natural glam look by South Jersey’s Makeup By Miranda.  Alison Dunn Photography  was our generous friend who shared these photos with us.  We had a million amazing shots to choose from and spent a lot of time trying to decide which ones were our favorites.  Even though we had worked this venue multiple times, we found different angles and new details that we had never noticed before…which is a feat, considering how involved we are in decorating.  The quality and quantity of what she provides is so impressive and we can’t rave enough about her work.

Thank goodness Makeup by Miranda was here to do this!  All we had to do was provide the flowers, and she worked them right into this loose updo.  A much simpler take on the floral crown, and we love it!

Alyssa’s bouquet was made of sunflowers (!), blue delphinium, blue hydrangeas, and solidago.

 Alyssa’s bridesmaids had a fantastic shade of blue for their dresses, topped off with more sunflowers and feverfew.

The groomsmen had small sunflowers with muscari accents for a little pop against their grey suits.  

This iron gazebo is a small part of The Southern Mansion’s appeal.  It provides such flexibility.  For Alyssa and Mike’s wedding, we added lace panels and draped a garland along the opening.  The floral accents are all sunflowers and hydrangeas.


These aisle arrangements were so cute!!  Mason jars held iris, blue delphinium, sunflowers and feverfew.

Alyssa provided these light blue jars for her centerpieces.  We used a lot of the same flowers as the aisle and bouquets, sunflowers, delphinium, solidago, feverfew and muscari.

We told you this was a sunflower wedding!


Congratulations, Mike and Alyssa!!