Reminiscing warmer days here at A Garden Party, and reliving this fun August Cape May wedding.  Congress Hall  is quickly climbing up our list as our favorite wedding venue at the Jersey Shore.  Not only is the interior color scheme bold and fun -black and white checkered floors and teal walls – but the added details of chandeliers, deep windowsills, paved patio and Victorian-like architecture make this an event designer’s dream come true.  Not to mention that its prime location nestled in the middle of downtown Cape May is very ideal for our team to be able to hang out, eat, and shop as a reward for a day of hard work.

Today we introduce Debra and Adam, our Congress Hall couple who embraced the venue’s style and embellished it with their own (Debra is a designer and was such a JOY to work with! Check out her website showcasing her marketing and branding portfolio). In these Brooke Courtney Photography photos (OMG we are SO happy to add these stunners to our portfolio!) you’ll see what happens when vintage meets modern, and we love it!

Debra’s bouquet was sweet and simple, with huge white peonies and pink garden roses wrapped in bright green hosta leaves.

No better accessory than a beaming smile!

Debra’s bridesmaids matched her own floral selection, and while simple, were the perfect pop against their black dresses. The shoes ^^^^ how cool!

This canopy decor is so romantic!  We set up our canopy and draped it in lace panels, then added garlands of white and pink roses, carnations and hydrangeas for this beautiful statement piece.  The flowing strands of pink amaranthus were the perfect addition to make this arrangement really stand out and grab attention.

Pink floral confetti lined the aisle.

This is the outdoor cocktail area for Congress Hall. The only florals we added were small bud vases, but renting these black and white striped linens brings a whole new level of sophistication and a very polished look.

Debra and Adam’s card table had so much personality, with clusters of family photos, mercury votives, fun display initials.

For Debra’s tall centerpieces, we used these black cylinder vases packed full with hydrangea, roses, carnations, apple blossom stock, and amaranthus.  Between the cascading amaranthus and trio bud vases, the height of these bold centerpieces doesn’t seem as overwhelming.  The black and white striped runner was a great add on to match the checkered floor and vase. This baby was SEXY in black!

Taking a moment to point out these cool table numbers!  Sometimes brides really take advantage on glamming up their table numbers, and these antique looking gold frames are perfect for the theme of this wedding.  We will never stop swearing how much little details like this affect the overall look and feel of the room.

For the low centerpieces, we used a black pedestal bowl and added peach carnations, lisianthus, dahlias,  pink roses, white hydrangea and apple blossom stock.

Recognize this?? We brought in the floral garland to reuse at the sweetheart table.  We were more than happy to have our bride take full advantage of this beautiful piece!

We love this lucite cake box!  This rental has never disappointed – it’s brings so much attention to the gorgeous wedding cakes, it has a clean look, and it can be customized to match any wedding flower arrangement imaginable.  Win, win, win situation!

Congratulations, Debra and Adam!!