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DIY Wedding Flowers : Tori & Mike at Jericho Mountain Orchards

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DIY Weddings are becoming increasingly popular, and we are thrilled to offer this service via our sister business, A Milkhouse Party.  Tori came and met with an A Garden Party designer, and after going over her color scheme, flower preferences, and wedding day vision, we compiled "recipes" for her arrangements.  A couple days before the wedding, Tori brought her girlfriends and centerpiece containers, we brought the flowers, someone brought champagne and a lot of fun was had!  An A Garden Party designer served as a demonstrator and offered guidance and the girls mixed and matched their different floral selections. DIY wedding parties are just that...parties.  They're so much fun and a great way to bond and start your wedding weekend, while exercising your creativity and adding some sentiment to the decor.

We snapped these few photos of Tori and her crew making some floral magic, but they honestly don't do their arrangements the justice they deserve.  Thank goodness for the talented eye of Lauren Fair Photography who sent us these images of the DIY wedding come to life.  We always get to see behind-the-scenes and watch them walk out the door, so to see Tori's wedding day and her decor all come together was a real treat.  We love the comparison of the girls making flowers on Thursday and then all dressed up on Saturday - it shows what a fun weekend it really was for them!

Check out the gorgeous scenery from Jericho Mountain Orchards, and Tori & Mike's beautiful wedding day!

Tori's bouquet (yes, 100% handmade by herself with flowers provided by us at A Milkhouse Party) was made of white peonies, ranunculus, spray roses, garden rose, ferns and ruscus.  We love the added touch of spray roses and wax flowers that she used for her hair.

Tori's bridesmaids carried smaller versions of her own bouquet.  It was fun to see them come up with slight variations as they discovered their knack for working with flowers.  

Even the bouts were DIY!  Usually someone with crafty hands is appointed to do the bouts and corsages.  We think that white ranunculus on Mike looks perfect! 


This natural ceremony space is so serene, and has all the elements of a fairy tale wedding.

Tori chose two variations of centerpiece styles to break up the monogamy of the long wooden tables.  We love how clean and fresh it looks in this reception space!

The first centerpiece option was the very-trendy garland, with pops of rose heads and peonies to add some color.  We were more than happy to provide these elements for Tori to assemble, and think it was a great choice for a low maintenance DIY project. 

The second centerpiece option was a little more involved.  Tori brought these cute wooden boxes to fill, and made a selection of foxglove, ferns, spray roses, stock and peonies. 

This rustic shelving served as an intricate dessert display for guests to enjoy.  The bucket of flowers was included in the bride's order, and contained plenty of stems to add to the glass bottles and adorn the cakes.

This turned out great! Love the added candles and potted ferns! 

You can see here that no detail was forgotten, no corner left untouched!

Congratulations, Tori & Mike!  We are so happy for you, and hope you come back to work with us again! 

If you are interested in DIY wedding flowers, but need some guidance and floral expertise, contact us!  We love to help clients tap into this creative side, and would be honored to help you get knee-deep in your wedding decor. 

South Jersey Wedding Florist : Bohemian Chic with Love Story Studios

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We've reached the final part of our Love Story Studios photoshoot series, with a bright bohemian inspired look.  Your Day Your Way went for a long fishbraid and bold lashes and we matched our decor with a fun, laid back and beautiful vibe.  

The couple for this photoshoot is actually me, Cristina and my husband, Kevin!  You may remember that Tami & Ryan were the photographers for our wedding, so we were more than happy to help them out and try our hand at modeling.  I don't think we'll be getting paid for it anytime soon, but who could say no to getting dressed up by Jess Spina and A Garden Party? 

It was so much fun to be able to see what it would be like to try a different style and theme than what I went for at my own wedding.  Mackenzie of Love Story Studios was an ANGEL to work with - seriously, patient and great with directions.  We are probably the least photogenic people I know, and she worked some magic angles to produce some gorgeous art.  I am happy to share these fun summer images with you and hope you enjoy them, too!

Sunflowers, amaranthus, delphinium, cosmos, orange asclepias, lavender and greenery came together for a huge, wilde, cascading bouquet of glorious color and texture.  

I love that this floral crown matched so perfectly with the bouquet.  The size was great - too big to be considered delicate, but not overwhelming at all.  It was like the Goldilocks of floral accessories, with a focal sunflower, astilbe and craspedia.

We kept it bright with Kevin's bout, focusing on that cute yellow stem of craspedia and some green. 

The gorgeous property where we staged this shoot was actually the home of one of our newest employees, Sarah!  She used her parents house for her own wedding, and offered it, knowing the potential that it has.  

Our sweetheart set up was on an old wooden table, complete with scattered rose petals, brass candlesticks and tapers, and a bull skull adorned with flowers.  The mix of natural muted tones with the pops of colors is what makes bohemian so fun - there are no real rules, and usually the more wild the better.

If you've come to our studio here in Elmer, you'll notice the iron cage hanging above the front entrance.  We change it's contents seasonally, and think it would be a great statement piece for any wedding or ceremony backdrop.  For this shoot, we hung it from the tree above the sweetheart table for a dramatic effect that continued to tie together our floral theme.  

We actually had a very intricate ceremony set-up, macrame curtains with woven flowers that would have finished off our bohemian theme.  But when the storm came through before we had a chance to hang it, we knew we'd have to improvise with a different kind of shot.  Mackenzie had no problem marching out into the rain to get these great images - I love how clearly you can see each drop!  Every outdoor bride knows that there is a risk with the weather - but by remaining calm and open, and listening to your vendors, you'll realize that it comes with opportunity as well. 

Thank you so much for joining us for this photoshoot series, and keep an eye out for Love Story Studios.  We can't see what their future holds! 

South Jersey Wedding Florist : Country Rock with Love Story Studios

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We're back with Part Three of our Love Story Studios photo shoot!  When we scout for models for these styled shoots, it's typically a begging status on Facebook with the hopes that a sympathetic friend would help us out.  The husband is often drug in against his will and promised food.  However, for this photo shoot it could not have worked out better than with Jill and Stephen's awesome edgy looks, obvious chemistry and comfort in front of the camera.  These two are naturals, and it's no wonder they've been married for over a decade! 

We always talk about how impressed we are with the work of Jess Spina, owner of Your Day Your Way, but Jill's soft make-up and hair really knocked this look out of the park.  The whole theme of this shoot was to mix rough and delicate features, and our models fit the look to perfection.  

Love Story Studios photographer, Erin, scouted out a few different locations to pose our models in and we love the contrast in settings.  Instead of explaning how well it turned out, we'll let you see for yourself - enjoy!

We knew we wanted to go unconvential with Jill's flowers, and chose a casual, loosely wrapped bunch of peonies with some gathered wheat.  Stephen matched with a peony bud and stem of wheat. 

We set our vintage settee out for more formal portraits, loving the wildness of the field with the ornate engravings of the furniture.  (You may recognize this background from our real wedding with Sara and Jason from last summer!) 

We moved inside for a staged ceremony, switching out Jill's bouquet for an even more unconvential route with a delicate handheld wreath and matching hair comb.  We really lucked out with Jill's hair cut - it makes that floral comb pop! For the ceremony backdrop, we crafted floral "wings."  The bright peonies, carnations, roses and greens made for a great statement piece against the aged stone wall.  This look would be so incredible to dress up any wall backdrop, and we can't wait to pitch this to future brides!

The most romantic sweetheart table set up we've had yet.  Our iron stand was completely wrapped in layers and layers of roses, hydrangeas, stock, and ruscus.  The mix of whites, greens, pinks and fuschia made this that much more fun to create, and hanging votives completed this gorgeous frame.  

With the staging taking place in an old stone and wood barn, we chose to use delicate place settings to dress up the rough textures of the venue.  Aren't those gold utensils gorgeous?  

Cake Stand Bakery strikes again with this 3-tiered wedding cake, set up on our glass table topper and surrounded by a ring of lush pink peonies.  Rustic elements like the wine barrel, wooden ladder and vintage farm tools kept the scene true to the country exterior.  

Love this couple, love these flowers, love this background, love this shot.  Love Story Studios = perfect 10, all around!

South Jersey Wedding Florist - Jersey Fresh with Love Story Studios

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After a few chaotic weeks, we are back to blogging with Part 2 of our Love Story Studios photo shoot!  Today's featured shoot was staged at A Milkhouse Party, where we of course had to display a Farm to Table theme wedding.  The vibrant colors, mixed produce and rustic elements completely embodied what A Milkhouse Party was all about - a bit of mismatch, a bit of soul, and a lot of fun! We are so excited to present this work from Love Story Studios as a way to show what a rehearsal dinner or group dinner party would look like.  Enjoy! 

The floral arrangements for this series of the photo shoot let us fly freely with creativity.  Mixed fruits and vegetables were added in with the flowers and greenery to completely emcompass the "farm-to-table" theme. Sometimes it's hard to find flower selections that match the colors that we imagine, but the fruit gave us great range.  Can you spot any in the bouquet?  

Getting the crown on without messing up the gorgeous hair and make up details by Your Day Your Way

Intricate floral crowns are not only wildly popular, they are also showstopping accessories.  Just look at the textures and colors this model is wearing!  Bridal bouquets take such thought and personality, but can't realistically be carried around all day.  Floral crowns are a great way to continue to "wear" your flowers throughout your wedding day (or any other special event!) for when your bouquet takes a break.

Even the bout got a bit of fruit!  Berry touches and twine showed that the smallest elements deserve attention and detail to fit a theme. 

The wedding may be staged, but the love is real!  Danielle & Jeff are a real married couple, former clients of Tami & Ryan Photography, the founders of Love Story Studios.  They were great sports for our styled shoot and we loved meeting them and being able to play!

We loved the idea of an authentic Milkhouse Party, using vintage galvanized watering cans and pulley's that we found when we first cleared out the building.  It's so much fun getting a bit resourceful with decor, and these wildflower arrangements were the perfect fit. 

Our beloved Milkhouse, all dressed up and ready to party.  This idea for a Jersey Fresh dinner party glows with the potential.  If you like this look, book here!

A garland runner made of greenery, blueberries, strawberries, plums and the brightest cherries we've ever seen was sent down the length of the table, with bright pink peony arrangements and lanterns giving some dimension to the setting.  Mason jars, milk bottles, mismatched china settings, vintage cloth napkins and yes, PEPPER name cards completed this sweet and rustic table.

We were ranting, raving, and drooling over this adorably scrumptious looking cakes from the Cake Stand Bakery.  Their petite size allowed us to set them on bronze candle holders for a gorgeous display.  

Thank you so much to our models, and to Love Story Studios photographer, Jackie!  Your work shines, and we can't wait for our next collaboration!

South Jersey Wedding Florist : Styled Shoot with Love Story Studios

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Today we are honored (and oh so proud!) to present the newest business venture by our friends at Tami & Ryan Photography.  Tami and Ryan approached us to help them stage 4 different photo shoots to help build the portfolios for their new brand of associate photographers, Love Story Studios.  Tami and Ryan have proven that they have a great eye, not only for details as event photographers, but in choosing their staff as well!  We are so impressed with the quality, personality and style that each of these talented vendors have shown in their work. It doesn't hurt that they are being guided by skills and wisdom of our favorite vendor couple! 

Of course, none of this would have been possible without Jess Spina of Your Day Your Way.  Her magic hands helped create wedding looks for 4 different couples, making our models glow as if they were about to walk down the aisle all over again.  She has always floored us with the way she can make any woman runway ready, and her skill set is a treasure we will always appreciate! 

So without further ado, we present the first of a 4-part series in our collaboration with the brand spankin' new, Love Story Studios!

Brett and Jill were former wedding clients of A Garden Party, and we jumped at the chance to include them in our shoot.  Jill was a DIY bride who had such a knack for flowers, we've invited her back several times to help with weddings and events.  This fun-loving couple are always laughing and looking in love, so we knew they would be great modes for the Love Story theme portion of this shoot.

We went for a vintage romantic look for Jill's bouquet, with gorgeous white peonies, ferns, amaranthus, feverfew and Queen Anne's Lace.  We love the lush look of this arrangement, kept in a classic bridal color scheme. 

We used our black iron canopy to stage a ceremony stage for the lovebirds, draping dozens of vines around for an intimate look.  We've seen a lot of "vintage theme" requests from brides lately, and think this canopy is the perfect fit for a classic soul.  Our black chandelier was just the right statement piece to hang above the couple, filled with hydrangeas, feverfew and greenery.

For our staged accent table, we took an old desk and added our vintage book collection with pewter mugs and vases to use for flower arrangements and succulents.  Vintage book = love STORY (get it?! We were pretty proud!) 

The Cake Stand Bakery provided gorgeous dessert displays we could use (okay, and sample) to show off their talents in making delectable treats for events.  The owners are so amazing to work with, and helped come up with options to fit each of the different themes we were going for.  Not to mention how good everything tastes!!

The details of the set-up, the moment of laughter between a couple, and the romantic pose...yes, we'd say that Kathleen of Love Story Studios knocked this shoot out of the park.  

Aren't they the cutest?  Thanks again, Brett & Jill for coming to play dress-up with us!  

South Jersey Wedding Florist : LeeAnn & Matt at a Pilesgrove Residence

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When a wedding takes place on a family property, a whole new level of sentiment is added to an already personal milestone.  This was no different for LeeAnn and Matt's wedding on her parents' property in Pilesgrove, NJ.  LeeAnn's parent went to great lengths to have their barn ready for the big day, and Kyle Michelle Weddings knocked the planning and details out of the park as it was completely transformed into the vision the couple had for the wedding of their dreams.  

Josiah & Steph Photography supplied these beautiful images for us to share, and we are so happy to relive the laughter and elegance that was so prominently displayed.  Enjoy! 

LeeAnn's bouquet was a lovely garden variety, with lisianthus, succulents, brunia berries, dusty miller and garden roses.  

LeeAnn's bridesmaids carried similar bouquets to her own, with some more peach tones to coordinate with their pale pink gowns.  We are so in love with the braided hairstyle! 

Matt's bout was a simple stem of white ranunculus with silver brunia berries.  The bowtie was a great touch for this summer wedding.

We had some fun with the groomsmen bouts, with a bright pink ranunculus and touch of leafy green.  The suspenders are awesome!

We are blown away by this set up!  Brass chandeliers lined the ceiling, with dozens of string lights giving a warm, romantic glow. We hung huge pieces of white draping marked the barn entrance, with a garland trim that made us proud.  Pink linen napkins and chair cushions coordinated with the color scheme of the bridal party.  A perfect 10! 

The couple chose a seating chart with long tables, so we lined them with pink taper candles to fill the space, and wooden box arrangements filled to the brim with hydrangea, roses, stock and astilbe.  The pretty salads on the plates don't look too bad either, great work by Joshua's Catering!

The couple had a simple white, two-tiered cake, accented with rose heads and a "Love" topper.  We surrounded it with pink rose petals and glass votives for a final touch. 

Congratulations, Matt and LeeAnn!  We hope you are enjoying newlywed bliss and wish you all the best! 

Philadelphia Wedding Florist : Sarah & Chris at Power Plant Productions

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The only thing brighter than Sarah and Chris' flowers were their beaming smiles.  Gorgeous clusters of purple hues made this sunny day at Power Plant Productions in Philadelphia one to remember.  It also helps to have fabulous images from the talented and skillful Alison Dunn Photography

Take a virtual stroll with us through Old City, Philadelphia and check out Sarah and Chris on their wedding day! 

Is this baby gorgeous or what?!  Purple dahlias, lisianthus, orchids, roses, and celosia made up this watercolor-inspired bridal bouquet, and we are so in love with it.

Sarah's sweet sweet flowergirl wore a crown of pink roses, and looked like a dainty princess before her walk down the aisle! 

Sarah's bridesmaids carried similiar gowns to the bride, with pink garden roses, purple lisianthus, celosia and peonies.  

Chris and his groomsmen matched their ties with purple orchids and celosia bouts for a fun (yet still dapper!) look. 

Power Plant Productions was such a cool urban venue.  Exposed brick gave great character to the bright white walls and 25 foot ceilings.  Soft flowing panels of drapery helped soften the industrial-like room with strings of lights giving a touch of romance.  Here, the couple's bright mix of purples and blues really popped, and we loved the gold mercury accents that finished off this colorful theme.    

The couple's guests sat at round tables with these sweet compote designs and personalized menus and favors.  We have always loved when purple is the theme in weddings, since it gives such a range of color to use - blues, and pinks and lavender and plum all coordinate for a fun and beautiful representation of nature.  

This head table garland was a lush collection of greenery, with splashes of color spread throughout, using zinnias, roses, lisianthus and orchids. 

Congratulations, Sarah and Chris!   We hope you are enjoying life as newlyweds! 

Sea Isle Wedding Florist : Sara & Adam at the Yacht Club of Sea Isle City

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Sara and Adam's summer wedding was beachy, breezy and beautiful.  Hosted by the Yacht Club of Sea Isle City, the couple enjoyed the salty air during their dock ceremony, and brought in elegant nautical touches in their reception as a nod to their shore surroundings.  

This was our first event with Alex Schon of Schon Photography, and he blew us away with his professionalism as a vendor and with his eye for detail as a photographer.  From the subtle details of the decor to the bales of laughter, he got every shot!  We can't thank him enough for these lovely images from our day in Sea Isle. 

Check it out, below!

Sara's bridal bouquet was a lovely collection of ranunculus, pure white roses, gorgeous peonies and dusty miller. 

Sara's bridesmaids carried similiar bouquets, but with more shades of pink than white.  Navy blue gowns were the perfect contrast to the soft pastels of their flowers. 

Adam and his groomsmen worse simple bouts of white ranunculus and touches of dusty miller.  Two thumbs up for those blue bow ties, guys! 


We were OBSESSED with these little details for Sara and Adam's ceremony.  Small glass vases held roses, dusty miller, and white anemone - tied off with a navy ribbon which matched the anemone center perfectly!  The adorable flower girl purse had us drooling - doesn't it seem like she could have just skipped right off into a field of wildflowers?!  It's so cute! 

We are so happy Sara chose to upgrade her linens to the same blue as her bridesmaids' dresses - it makes the room really POP.  Matched with gold chivari chairs, her color scheme flowed so nicely throughout the entire day.  We don't hate the tall centerpieces either, with white hydrangea, pink and white roses and dusty miller sitting on top of our gold darlene stands.  

Lower centerpieces were made up in our gold compotes and Sara's gold speckled candle holders. The overall effect was a clean, chic look with just the right amount of fun! 

We stand behind the theory that it is all the little details that add up to create an overall effect - touches like these cute table "numbers" were so unique!  Each table had a different beach-related symbol, in a gold frame and cut out to look neat and elegant.

Sara and Adam's sweetheart table was made to be their own private escape, with a champagne sequin linen, gold initials, rose heads, eucalyptus branches, and Sara's candles. 

Sara and Adam's final event detail was this gorgeous 3-tiered wedding cake, which we helped dress up with our champagne sequin linen and gold votives.  We love that the couple included their precious pup in their celebration!  

Congratulations, Sara and Adam!  We wish you a long summer of love, sunsets and saltwater! 

Mill Grove Wedding Florist : Christine & Dan at the John James Audubon Center

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Christine and Dan's wedding at the John James Audubon Center was as pretty and sweet as the couple themselves.  Christine's grace was apparent throughout all of her wedding decor, with pure whites, natural greens and hints of deeper rose hues.  

This was our first event at the John James Audubon Center, which is nestled in the quiet suburbs of Mill Grove, Pennsylvania.  The venue is primarily a bird sanctuary (!) and its rich history made for an interesting wedding location.  

Emily Wren Photography provided these lovely images. Her signature style is hard to miss, with as much character as there is elegance.  It is truly an honor every time we have the opportunity to work with this crazy-talented photographer, and we are so grateful to have her magic grace our portfolio once again! 

Christine's bridal bouquet was made up of white anemones, ranunculus, sweet peas, roses, and peonies. Ferns and greens added some texture and a slightly cascading look.  

Christine's bridesmaids had the most beautiful array of gowns!  We love the different styles, patterns and textures that they chose, and think the end result was stunning.  We simplified the combination by creating smaller versions of the bridal bouquet for them to carry.  

Dan and his groomsmen wore white ranunculus bouts, wrapped with rose gold ribbon.  Love those shoes, guys!

Surrounded by trees and greenery, the John James Audubon Center's reception space was the perfect fit for Christine and Dan's vision.

These fun compote designs boasted yellow and pink garden roses and ranunculus for some great pops of color.  Very fitting for this spring wedding!

Christine provided the non-floral centerpieces, made up of wooden boxes with planted succulents and terrariums with moss and fairy lights.  We love a hands on girl!

Congratulations, Christine and Dan!  Wishing you all the best as you continue your adventure together!

Philadelphia Wedding Florist : Katie & Chris at the Olde Bar

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We have been receiving a wave of requests for The Olde Bar in downtown Philadelphia.  This fun venue is a great combination of both charming and sleek - it's easy to see why it's so popular.  

Katie and Chris wanted to enhance the vibe of their venue, and we were happy to comply with sweet and bright designs.  Thanks to McShea Photography with sending over these images that perfectly describe Katie and Chris' wedding day! 

The bridal bouquet was made up of white peonies, lavender tulips, white sweetpea, ranunculus and greenery.  Katie's bridesmaids were a touch brighter, with pink ranunculus, buplureum and cool water roses, which popped nicely against their chic black gowns! 

There is an intimate feel in this reception space, and we love how the sweetheart table is set up in the middle of the action.  Our beautiful silver urns were used as centerpieces, with lilac, hydrangea, roses, stock, ranunculus, sweetpea, tulips and greenery.  

Katie wanted to incorporate the Philly skyline into her placecard set up, since it was the graphic from her invitation.  We provided this custom chalkart to match her vision, which doubled as her seating chart. 

The last little touch of Philly love was the couple's adorable cake topper, fashioned after the iconic "LOVE" sculpture.  We loved the elegant touches Katie and Chris used to pay homage to the City of Brotherly Love in this urban wedding. 

Congratulations, Katie & Chris!  We are wishing you all the best! 

Chesterfield Wedding Florist : Emily & Jeremy at the Inn at Fernbrook Farms

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We have absolutely fallen in love with all of the couples we've worked with at the Inn at Fernbrook Farms. This gorgeous venue is so full of character, and maintains a sense of traditional elegance while still allowing clients to uniquely express themselves on their wedding day.  

Today's featured couple, Emily and Jeremy, had a very wistful romantic theme, with splashes of color keeping it youthful and fun.  The photographer for this wedding was Alexander for Pat Furey Photography - you'll soon realize why these images were published on The Knot! Wonderfully captured details makes us gleeful to have this work in our portfolio - we hope you enjoy! 

Emily's bouquet was full of big blooming colors!  Coral charm peonies, burgundy clematis and ranunculus, eucalyptus and sweet pea were the perfect combination for a summer wedding bouquet.

We have been loving these delicate floral crowns!  They are so dainty and sweet, and are perfect touches for an outdoor wedding hairstyle. 

Emily's bridesmaids rocked the same floral crowns, and carried bouquets of huge gardenia peonies with dusty miller and olive branch accents.

Jeremy stood out from his bridal party with a gray striped suit, but coordinated with burgundy bouts.  Can we make a sidenote about how awesome it was that he had his father as a groomsman?!  Not to mention his best gal pal - this seems like a dream team scenario.

Emily and Jeremy didn't need much to dress up this natural ceremony altar, but we did deliver ombre aisle petals to coordinate with the bridesmaids fluid color scheme. 

This tented reception space looks so romantic with glowing cafe lights against the night sky.  Having this type of reception allows for so many versatility in decor, which is part of what makes the Inn at Fernbrook so special. 

Emily selected an ecclectic variety of details for her centerpieces.  Taper candles, brass candlesticks, mercury votives and vases, and apothecary glasses with moss and succulents made for very pretty, unique arrangements. 

We are obsessed with this cascading arrangement of cake flowers!  Peonies, roses, ranunculus and sweet pea give amazing color against the pure white tiers, finished off with touches of greenery and the couple's gold deer cake toppers. 

Congratulations, Emily and Jeremy!  Thank you so much for letting us work with you on this beautiful day! 

Philadelphia Wedding Florist : Katie & Dan at the Franklin Institute

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Is there anything more romantic than a starry night?  Katie and Dan certainly didn't think so, and decided that the best way to celebrate their love story was a wedding ceremony under the stars of the planetarium in the Franklin Institute.  This was a Wow Factor wedding, with hundreds of twinkling lights on the ground and in the sky.

We are incredibly impressed by Langdon Photography's talent for being able to take beautiful, detailed photographs in such a dark venue.  The darkness worked perfectly for the romantic evening theme, and we are blown away by Langdon's ability to portray it as such! 

Please enjoy this swoon-worthy, wedding with us! 

Katie's bridal bouquet was a mix of anemone, white lily, eucalyptus, thistle, white roses and succulents for a textured look. 

Katie's bridesmaids carried smaller versions of her own bouquets, without the succulents or white lily.  We love how those scabiosa pods and ferns add character to the soft and pretty whites! 

Dan's bout of a white spray rose, thistle and succulent coordinated perfectly with his bride's selections. 

Katie and Dan provided this canopy for us to decorate, and we were happy to do so with layers of curly willow, pussy willow branches and vines.  Twinkle lights were woven around the greenery and corners of the canopy to really make this space shine as it embraced the couple during their vows.  

We are OBSESSED with these aisle arrangements!  Glass cloche's encased moss, potted plants and succulents to cater to Katie's request for globally-safe botanicals.  Each arrangement was placed on a wood slice, and twinkle lights added a sense of wonder to these lovely pieces.   

This is seriously the most romantic ceremony we've seen!  During set up, many passersby kept peeking in and gushing over this venue selection - we can hardly blame them!

We placed wooden planks on the couple's placecard table to line the guests' cards.  Potted succulents were scattered between rows, along with votive candles and Italian ruscus.

For some of Katie and Dan's centerpieces, we reused those amazing aisle arrangements, with white votives spread throughout for some extra shine. Ruscus runners brought the whole look together for a very natural feel.

Tall cylinder vases helped create some height, with a moss base, climbing cherry branches and twinkle lights galore.  

The couple's final centerpiece selection was our gold terrariums, with succulents, potted plants and moss.  Rose heads and votive candles made for a nice mix-up in these arrangements.  And we can't get enough with how perfect the twinkle lights are for a soft glow around the room! 

Much like the rest of the couple's wedding, their cake was sleek and clean with touches of natural greenery.  White flowers rested on the top tier, with stems of ruscus creeping out and creating a border on the bottom.  


A huge congratulations to this couple!  We were so happy to be a part of this magical wedding day, and we wish you all the best!  

Avalon Wedding Florist : Jessica & Brandon at the Windrift Hotel

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Oh my goodness, this wedding is so stinkin'....CUTE!  It's just so cute!  Bright smiles, bubbly laughter, and pure white floral selections against sky blue linens made for a lovely April wedding last year at the Windrift Hotel. Susan Hennessey Photography shared these shining photos of Jessica and Brandon as they celebrated their love on the beautiful beaches of Avalon.  

We have our first 2016 wedding at the Windrift Hotel this weekend AND we'll be attending the Windrift Bridal Show, so we found it fitting to share these photos as we get ready a new season of beach brides! 

If you like the monochromatic color scheme, we recommend to mix it up with textures and to go for a full lush look.  Jessica did just that with this flowing bouquet of white tulips, ranunculus, lisianthus, sweet pea, roses and Queen Anne's lace.  

Jessica's bridesmaids carried simple bouquets of tulips, but they popped so nicely against the blue hue of their gowns.  We love this shot of them together! 

For Jessica and Brandon's ceremony, we adorned the white trellis with a corner piece of hydrangea, tulips, lisianthus, ranunculus, stock and greenery.  Our silver lanterns with rope handles were the perfect choice for subtle aisle arrangements in a beach setting.  

Jessica and Brandon's centerpieces continued the crisp, clean theme.  White bunches of flowers in clear cylinder vases looked sweet and refreshing against the signature navy blue walls of the Windrift. 

The delectable finishing touch was this sweet cake.  We gave it some company with clusters of tulips, roses and white hyacinth.  


Congratulations, Jessica and Brandon, and thank you so much for having us be a part of your celebration!  And congratulations on your upcoming anniversary! 

South Jersey Wedding Florist: Amanda & Kevin at Eastlyn Golf Course

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There is no flower in the world that is quite as cheerful as the sunflower.  Big and bright, sunflowers emcompass a carefree, happy attitude - they are simplistic in their joy. This is why these beautiful blooms were the perfect selection for Amanda and Kevin's wedding at Eastlyn Golf Course.  Amanda wanted a rustic fall theme, with sunflowers as her main floral selection - besides that fact that all flowers were to be locally sourced!  There's no better way to satisfy us than to be knee deep in these types of blooms. 

You may recognize the style of photography - Saltwater Studios once again stuns us with their excellent work in capturing events with such intimacy and character.   We invite you to enjoy their work for Amanda and Kevin on their wedding day! 

Amanda's bouquet was rounded and sweet, a combination of sunflowers, burgundy dahlias, fall foliage, berries, and safflower.  

Amanda's bridesmaids wore wine-colored gowns, which were the perfect complement to the burgundy dahlas in her bouquet.  The bridesmaids carried bunches of sunflowers, berries, grass plumes, and celosia. 

We are in love with the bright pop of yellow against the dark gray suits of the groom and his groomsmen!

This may be the sweetest First Look reaction we have seen so far - Saltwater Studios wins again! 

Those sunflowers are at it again - the cheery yellow stood out nicely against the lush greenery and white chairs to form a focal point for the couple's ceremony space.  This time of year was perfect - the trees and arbor are so full of life! 

Sunflower arrangements, with dahlias, magnolia leaves and grass plumes were placed at the ceremony entrance and aisle.  We also used our wooden wedding sign, hay bales and small pumpkins and gourds to keep up with the rustic fall theme.  

We were so in love with this piece, made with layers of silver dollar eucalyptus, vines, and sunflowers.  Hanging blue mason jars twinkled with fairy lights and moss amongst the greenery for a quietly magical space.

We reused the ceremony space to decorate the couple's sweetheart table, and the bridesmaids bouquets were placed at the cake table.  Amanda's chose lanterns on a wood slice with floral accents for her centerpieces for a very charming tablescape.  

Congratulations, Amanda and Kevin!  Thank you so much for having us be a part of this special time in your lives! 

Philadelphia Wedding Florist : Jen & Ryan at the Huntingdon Valley Country Club

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Jen & Ryan's wedding at the Huntingdon Valley Country Club was wispy and light, with beautiful shades of purple florals contrasting nicely with the silver gray of the bridesmaids gowns.  Known for her whimsical portrayal of events, Rachel Pearlman Photography once again delivers perfection in this couple's timelessly elegant images.  

We are very happy to share this post about Jen and Ryan's August wedding today - enjoy! 

Rachel Pearlman Photography
Rachel Pearlman Photography
Rachel Pearlman Photography
Rachel Pearlman Photography
Rachel Pearlman Photography
Rachel Pearlman Photography

Jen opted for an all-white bouquet, with clusters of ranunculus, roses, stock, dusty miller, lisianthus and astilbe.  Her bridesmaids carried smaller designs that were delicate and sweet, with white garden roses, lavender dahlias, brunia berries, lavender stock and purple celosia.

Rachel Pearlman Photography
Rachel Pearlman Photography

Ryan kept it cool with his black tux and a simple bout of white freesia.  

Rachel Pearlman Photography
Rachel Pearlman Photography
Rachel Pearlman Photography
Rachel Pearlman Photography

What an amazing backdrop at Huntingdon Valley

Rachel Pearlman Photography
Rachel Pearlman Photography

Guests were welcomed with this gorgeous arden vase filled with vibrant hydrangea, lavender larkspur, dahlias, seeded euc, snapdragons and dusty miller. 

Rachel Pearlman Photography
Rachel Pearlman Photography
Rachel Pearlman Photography
Rachel Pearlman Photography
Rachel Pearlman Photography
Rachel Pearlman Photography

Jen and Ryan's centerpieces continued the theme of elegant simplicity.  Small arrangements of purple hydrangea, garden roses, dahlias, snapdragons and touches of greenery graced each table as centerpieces.  Scattered votives and floating candles of different heights brought extra touches of romance to this pristine setting. 

Rachel Pearlman Photography
Rachel Pearlman Photography

The couple's sweetheart table boasted this beautiful lush statement piece for them to enjoy during their first meal as newlyweds. 

Rachel Pearlman Photography
Rachel Pearlman Photography

And the sweetest details are always the last - adorable ranunculus, rose head, dahlias and purple scabiosa adorned the Jen and Ryan's cake along with their pretty "H" cake topper.    

Rachel Pearlman Photography
Rachel Pearlman Photography

Congratulations, Jen & Ryan!  Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your special day! 

A Garden Party does Prom!

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Ahhhh Prom Season.  Gowns worthy of the red carpet.  Limo rides.  Parents tearing up because it's the first big "They're All Grown Up" moment.  One last hurrah before summer and off to college...

We're about to grab our own tissues.  Mary and Dawn remember their prom night at Woodstown High School.  In fact, it was in high school that Mary and Dawn got their start in flowers through the FFA.  It is such a nostaglic time of year for us to reminisce the romance, and we love when the young men call to order flowers for their dates.  It's fun for us to create these pretty little nosegays, full of color to match the rainbow of designs that juniors and seniors pick for their dresses.  It feels like yesterday that we were receiving our own, so we recreate and imagine what we would have wanted for our teenage selves. 

In honor of this year's prom season, I have enlisted Mary and Dawn's mother in helping me collect pictures of our favorite floral designers and their shining moments before their own prom nights.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have! 

Mary and her now-husband John at prom together - of course, Mary insisted on making her own prom flowers!   Her sweet spring arrangement looks like something we would still make today.  Above, is Mary as Prom Queen of Woodstown High School.  

Here's Dawn, looking gorgeous and classic in her light blue gown - I am so happy Melanie supplied these photos for us to share! 

To the right : Dawn and shop manager, Christine, grew up together and even shared their prom limo - this whole company is about keeping it in the family! 

Torey was the Original Trendsetter with her sequined gown, the go-to look for bridesmaids today!


Well, that was fun!  For a look at some more recent prom flower selections, we've also collected some pictures from last year's orders. 

We usually ask for a picture of the young lady's gown when we receive a prom flower order, so be sure to have one handy. It's so helpful in making sure the flowers coordinate! 

Whether you're looking for sweet or sassy, we enjoy having arrangements match the personality of our client, as well as their gowns.

How cute is this pale blue and white nosegay with its matching bout??  This was our favorite creation last year.

Want to switch it up a bit?  Our floral cuffs are the perfect option for the girl who will be on the dance floor most of the night.  Comfortable, easy to wear, and with a little bit of bling, these cuffs are a great alternative to the traditional corsage.

Of course, other floral jewelry options are also available!  Here's Mary wearing succulent earrings.  

Our floral cuffs will always be a go-to favorite. 

Don't worry, guys, we have something special for you, too!  Let us know if you'd like to show off a floral pocket square, or a traditional bout, and we will be sure to give you that extra edge to match your date's flowers. 


 For ordering, you can either give us a call at (609) 364 -2529 or check out our easy online ordering to reserve your flowers for this year's biggest night in High School!  (**Orders are for Pick Up only, no delivery!)


Locally-Grown Wedding Florist : Sharing Our Gardens

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The other day, Dawn and I (Cristina) were in the office when Mary came bursting in.  

"Dawn, I got up early and did my work - can I please please go outside?"

It was no different than a little kid asking a parent for permission to play after homework, right down to the hope in her eyes as she waited for the decision.   With Dawn's approval, Mary ran out to the gardens that surround our shop in Elmer, NJ and proceeded to dig up weeds and joyfully planned the position for her new apple trees.  We see her pop up under our windowsills in the office as she lovingly tends to her second species of children. 

It is that joy, of getting their hands dirty so that others may enjoy that beauty, that makes A Garden Party so successful.  The motivation is pure, and the satisfaction of watching those little green sprouts come up from the ground is endless.  

This is also why there is such appreciation that surrounds the clients whose only request for wedding flowers are "locally grown, in season."  Because it is these brides who get a direct result of that joyous time Mary and Dawn have in their gardens.  These are the flowers we can walk right outside and cut.  These are the flowers that come from growers that we know personally, a stone's throw away, when the conversations are more casual than business.  They are fresh, unique and always offer a surprise.  

As the growing season begins again, we are happy to share the beauty in these two weddings that feature 100% locally grown flowers.  Enjoy!

Emily had a ton of personal details in her wedding.  She made her husband's bow-tie and pocket square, and even sewed her own gown!  Emily's floral collection included dahlias, amaranthus, zinnias, dusty miller and magnolia leaves.  Thank you Julie Hagenbuch Photography for these images!

Emily chose this serene setting behind Cape May Winery for the couple's ceremony.  We filled our galvanized buckets with bunches of fresh dahlias, greenery, magnolia leaves, lisianthus, dusty miller and berries.

In Emily's own words : "Thank you guys so much for creating beautiful flower arrangements for our wedding day.  They were so perfect, and they made everything feel so magical.  I wore the flower crown the day after the wedding, and also the weekend after during our reception party back in Pittsburgh.  The flower crown still looked great and I have it hanging in my craft room.  I have my bouquet drying in the closet!  I think the smell of dill will always remind me of my wedding day!  Every time I open the closet, I smell it and it makes me smile."

We were delighted to receive these images from Elvira Kaviste Photography from Jenny and Jonathan's wedding.  You've definitely already seen some on Instagram - they were too good not to share!  Jenny had a very textural floral crown, with blue thistle, wax flower, orchid and touches of greens.  

Beautiful!  Jenny's bridal bouquet was a lush arrangement of dahlias, ranunculus, sunflower, thistle, scabiosa pods, touches of berries, seeded eucalyptus and greenery. 

We love the vibrance in Jonathan's bout, an orange ranunculus with a scapiosa pod.

Thank you, to our "locally-grown" couples.  We have such a connection to these flowers before they walk down the aisle with you, and we are grateful to have amazing clients that allow us to continue to have passion in our work. 

South Jersey Wedding Florist : Tiffaney & Mike at Pratt Gardens

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Tiffaney and Mike's wedding at Pratt Gardens was a refreshing day, and good for the soul.  A sunny day in Pratt Gardens is already wondeful enough to enjoy, but adding in this lovely bride and her bright selection of yellow flowers made our hearts even happier.

Tiffaney was a very hands-on bride (our favorite kind!) and provided a lot of the details you'll see in the post.  We love working with a creative client, and were honored she chose us to help with her vision.

Check out these George Street photos for a guaranteed day-brightener, below! 

Tiffany's bouquet was made of yellow garden roses, silver dollar eucalyptus, some dusty miller, and lilies for a full cascading garden look.

Tiffany's bridesmaids had a variety of flowers, with the maids of honor, bridesmaids and junior bridesmaids carrying different displays of yellow garden roses, peach garden roses, stock, greenery and some dusty miller.  Their canary yellow dresses are so pretty - we love this photo, so full of genuine personality!

Mike wore an orchid bout with some tucked in waxflower to coordinate with his bride's bouquet and grey suit - grey and yellow are one of our favorite color combinations, so this worked perfectly!

Tiffaney wanted a pretty background to frame the couple during their ceremony - we dressed up Pratt's gazebo with crisp white draping, and added garlands of eucalytpus to run down the border.  Floral tie-backs off cream stock and yellow roses gave some nice details to the points, and Tiffaney's lanterns were scattered at the base to finish the look.  Thankfully, the surrounding landscaping is so full and blooming, our work only had to enhance the space! 

We always love when couples rent these doors from Pratt Gardens for their ceremony - they provide such a great photo op!  We were more than happy to provide full yellow wreaths, with a mix of lisianthus, yellow roses, white roses, eucalyptus and hydrangea.  

This spacious tent area was made to look more romantic with lots of string lights and draping.  

The manzanita branches and lanterns were provided by Tiffaney as her own personal touches for her centerpieces.  We added floral rings with white hydrangnea, soft yellow roses, and yellow stock to the bases of both to complete the centerepices, 

Tiffaney and Mike had a long head table set up, and then their own sweetheart table set up on stage directly behind them.  This was a great way to be close to the bridal party while still maintaining that intimate setting between bride and groom.  We set up a backdrop with our pipe and drape, which coordinated with the rest of the tent setting.  The draped smilax across the top enclosed the couple a little bit more. 

The couple had this amazing cake stand made to display the assortment of goodies their guests would enjoy - it is so cool!  Tiffaney also provided the manzanita tree as the backdrop, which we decorated with greenery, cafe lights, and more hanging votives with rose heads. 

Congratulations, Tiffaney and Mike!  We wish you lots of love and happieness as you continue on your journey together! 

South Jersey Wedding Florist : Styled Shoot with FOUND at Running Deer

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Oh boy oh boy, flower lovers.  We have quite the treat for you today!  Last weekend we were able to be a part of  FOUND: the Wedding Market's bridal show at Running Deer Golf Club.  As a benefit of working with FOUND, we were able to also participate in a styled shoot with other vendors, to transform Running Deer into our wildest imagination for a dream wedding.   Styled shoots are a great way to completely let loose creatively, and to use our dream portrayal as inspiration for future clients.

This shoot was incredible.  Creative vendors.  Our local venue.  SNOW.  Everything fell into place in the most beautiful way with this ethereal, metallic-themed shoot.  We are so excited to share this work, particularly because it's our first styled shoot at Running Deer.  We've worked there for years with brides, and this time we were able to put a whole new twist on an old favorite.  

So take a look and get inspired with these images from Samantha Jay Photography - her use of light and eye for detail perfectly portrayed the vibe we were going for.  Enjoy! 

Charlie Whiskey Lettering & Design was a joy to work with, and provided a ton of these scripted details.  Her work completely personalized the event, and added the sentiment that is so appealing to clients. 

Here is our lovely bride, wearing a custom pale pink tulle gown by Sweet Caroline Styles and stunning hair and make-up by Occasions by Diana.  We crafted a cascading bouquet and a floral headband for a bold floral look. This was our blizzard weekend in January, and it couldn't have worked out better for this shoot. 

We completely decked out our models with floral accessories.  Earrings, a ring, and floral cuff with pure white ranunculus made our bride a botanical dream come true. 

We wouldn't dream of leaving out our model groom!  Here he is, sporting a handsome floral pocket square with dusty miller, spray rose, berries and succulents.  We love this look for a groom as a sophisticated touch, and a little different than the traditional boutonniere.

We added these wreaths to the front doors of Running Deer, with banners provided by Charlie Whiskey, reading, "to have" and "to hold," in gold script.  Swoon.  The simple design keeps this entrance classic, yet romantic. 

This good-looking crew made up our ringbearers and flowergirl - and with so many puppy-parents amongst our clientele, we just had to add a floral collar to our list! 

There is a growing popularity in potted plants, ferns, and succulents making appearances in wedding decor.  How fun to add simple signs for the ringbearer and flowergirl in these pots as they perform their duties! 

We decided to take a completely different route with the ceremony space of Running Deer.  We love looking at things in a fresh way, and our pipe and drape rental gave this wall a whole new purpose as the ceremony backdrop.  The giant wreath is actually the base for our floral chandelier - we spruced it up with gold leaves, and another Charlie Whiskey banner gave the perfect final touch.  

Tall candlesticks and lanterns flickered throughout the scene, and our tall gold vases were packed full with white cherry blossoms for the grand entrance every couple deserves.  Our slender gold stands at the aisle entrance and altar were topped with arrangements of tulips, roses, peach stock, and wild foliage to really make this space pop, with a garland strung down the aisle to bring the whole look together.  

We were rubbing our hands in delight when we knew we could tackle this bar area.  We hung a wreath on the front (are you seeing a theme here?) and placed more pipe and drape to cover the back wall.  Layers and layers of smilax were strung to border the bar, and scattered candles in mercury gold votives and vases gave a romantic glow.  

We mimicked our bride's gown with this tulle skirt on the cocktail table, tied neatly with a ring of ferns.  

Mirrored stands helped embellish these mercury votives and bud vase of peach stock and anemone.

This placecard area was another section that we were happy to get our hands on.  We have this vintage garden stand that we stacked with potted plants and succulents with namecards.  Our vintage wooden boxes, smilax vines, tall candlesticks and clustered lanterns made this even more attractive to the eye.   

Talk about a jaw-dropping scene, if we say so ourselves! We are madly in love with this look.  The tall windows of Running Deer served as a great base for us to drape smilax all across for a wild, natural look.  Tall centerpieces were bold statement pieces, and group of lanterns in the center meant that every aspect of this scene is eye-appealing! 

How fabulous is this petaled linen from Let's Do Linens?  They contrasted the soft romantic look with shimmering sequin draping in the chair detail. This long table had no bare spots, with a garland runner, tall centerpieces, gold-beaded chargers, candles and terrariums keeping the look a constant source of entertainment and appeal. 

We will live and die by the phrase "it's all about the details."  This proves true in the subtle touches of greenery decorating the window treatments and bride and groom loveseat.  It's these elements that work together to create an overall feeling and theme for an event. 

And of course, every great day ends with a delicious slice of cake - this four-tiered cake had a flashy gold layer, and we added finishing touches of gold mercury bud vases and candles to enhance the table setting.  A cute little garland with spray roses, berries and leaves helped it coordinate with the rest of the theme. 

A huge thank you to this attractive couple who let us play dress-up with them and  played out their pretend wedding!  We hope some brides out there are inspired by these looks, and we are looking forward with incorporating some elements into this upcoming wedding season! 

A Garden Party Florist : Easter Arrangements!

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Easter Sunday was the OG of the floral holiday.  What better way to represent renewal and rejoicing than with beautiful gifts from nature, springing up after hiding all winter?  We would be more than happy and honored to provide you with your fresh floral arrangements this Easter, either as decor for your guests or as a gift for your hostess!  

Since our daily designs are for members of our local and neighboring communities, this year we decided to do something special for our Easter orders.  We will be planting Easter Eggs in all of our arrangements for the month of March, with little gifts for each and every one of our clients - maybe some candy, maybe some fun coupons, maybe something more!  This is our thank you for supporting us on this wonderful journey we've been on.  Be sure to share what treasure you've discovered with #agardenpartyeaster!

Check out some of these bright inspirations, below!

Love this compote with bright fuschia, succulents, astilbe and foliage!  The bright pops of color make this a fun, more glamourous arrangement.

Simple and sweet!  An oversized mason jar holds colorful ranunculus and seeded eucalyptus for a joyful centerpiece. 

Cooler tones with blue hydrangea, purple lisanthus and greenery are perfect for a softer look. 

Cute potted plants help with a full look for your Easter table - especially the pots have cute patterns like these!

Obviously, tulips will always be a favorite this time of year, and their vast tones make them easy to fit in with any color scheme.  

And of course, nothing sings "spring" quite like bright yellow hues!  Let us know what type of arrangement you'd like to decorate your brunch this year with our easy online ordering, or give us a call at (609) 364-2529.  

Delivery available until Saturday, March 26th.  Shop closed on Sunday.