Hello, and welcome back!  As promised, today we are discussing Part Two of last week’s segment on Fox29 news with Jennaphr Frederick.  The second half of our morning featured a demonstration on planting a dahlia tube, and then our three head designers made an arrangement for a local delivery.  This was all to show how involved our garden is with our work on a daily basis.  Thanks again to Tami Melissa Photography for these photographs that show why we love coming to work every day, and to Jess Spina of Your Day Your Way for making us feel beautiful as we showed it off!

Having a cutting garden is the best way for us and all of our fellow green thumbs to spread the love and enjoy the fruits of our labor.  How lovely to be able to set the table with a fresh arrangement, or to give a bouquet to a friend who may need a bit of a day brightener?  Anyone who loves flowers (and who doesn’t?) can benefit from having beautiful blooms right in their own back yard.  No matter how big or small  you decide to go, we have a few pieces of advice that may inspire you to get started!

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Here are Mary and Dawn, describing to Jennaphr the different layers of plants we like to use to create a lot of dimension and variety.  Foliage, such as evergreen, serve as great fillers to give that lush and full look.  The sisters also share the bonus that if you use flowers that are grown locally, they will last much longer in a vase than those that have to travel.

After a long winter with a lot of TLC, Mary gets ready to re-plant her dahlia tubes back into the ground.  It’s important to do the research on your plants, and figure out what type of environment you live in to find matches that will really flourish.

Farm-raised, and proud of it!

Little helpers carry buckets to the next location. They’ve found their calling!

Now we move on to the fun part of doing what we love best – creating floral designs!  Our secret weapon, Torey, joins in to make an arrangement for a local order.  Combining the styles of 3 designers helps make A Garden Party what it is today – a unique blend of tastes to bring balance and beauty to floral design.  

And voila!  Torey is such an artist – we love the range of color she went with, and how the shape branches out from the vase.  Well done!


Dawn decided to have a little fun with some floral jewelry.

The perfect accessory!

Sorry, John, looks like they’ve found a new driver.

We think Jennaphr may have had a little too much fun!

From left to right, Dawn, Mom (our helpful babysitter for the morning), Mary, and Torey.

Thanks to everyone who supported us and encouraged us on this adventure!  We had a blast and hope we could lend a hand in inspiring some of your gardens!