DIY Parties at our design studio are perfect for weddings, baby / bridal showers, holiday events, a girls night out, bachelorette parties, church groups, birthday parties, etc. Many brides are really creative, but feel they are held back because of budget issues or find the process of doing it themselves daunting. We are here to help you make your event truly fabulous. If you are interested in learning simple floral design techniques and want to take part in creating your own floral designs, this is the perfect solution!


Why do we offer DIY?

We love flowers.

We love putting flowers in the hands of others.

We love seeing your friends and family working together excitedly.

We love seeing your vision come to life with your own hands and artistry.

We love hosting flower lovers at our farm, all are welcome!


When do we make the flowers?

If your wedding is on a Saturday, flowers will be delivered to the DIY barn on Wednesday or Thursday. We recommend having the party on Thursday or Friday. You can have the space as long as you need, generally 4 hours or so. It depends on how many designs you are making and how many hands are there to help.

Is there a cooler there?

Yes, there is a large cooler outside the building. We can turn it on for you for $50/day.

Do I take the flowers when we leave?

If that works for you, that is fine. If not, you can store the flowers in the cooler there and hire us to deliver and set up the flowers on wedding day.  Or you can have someone pick up the flowers Saturday morning. Prices listed below.

Can I bring my own flowers?

You are welcome to bring in your own flowers if you wish, but we do not recommend it. We will not be responsible for last minute ordering if you don’t have what you need or if your flowers are poor quality. We are happy to order the flowers and supplies for you, that way you are getting a better quality product.

How do I know what flowers I need?

At our consultation, we will gather information to create an order for you. This order will include our suggested floral recipes for each bouquet/centerpiece/etc. so that guides you at the DIY party. Unless you hire a designer to be present at the party, you will be responsible for creating the designs with the product supplied. We try to order flowers that are easier to arrange.

How and when do we pay?

A $500 (non refundable) deposit is required to secure studio space and date, which must be brought to the first appointment or mailed before appointment with signed estimate (which serves as our contract). This deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to the final flower order. Checks made out to A Garden Party and mailed to 295 Shirley Rd Elmer NJ 08318. We accept checks or cash only, sorry no credit cards for wedding orders.

How does this save us money?

Since you do all the work, you save on the labor fees. The floral products are only marked up slightly to cover our time. All items are broken down a la carte, so you only pay for services that you need. See all prices below and let us know what your specific needs are.


Studio Rental Fee:  $200 (includes general supplies such as clippers, scissors, wire, wire cutters, tape, glue, pins.  Extra supplies such as wristlets, ribbon, etc will be available with your floral order. )

Designer assistance per hour: $50

Floral delivery prep (AGP will process and hydrate all flowers): $100

Use of cooler: $50/day

Delivery: $1.50 per mile round trip, plus $40/hour/designer

Floral Markup will be:

Wholesale cost plus 35% (this includes the labor for creating floral recipes and ordering the flowers)

Here are some photos I took during a bride’s DIY party with her family and friends.

All dressed up in our sweet vintage aprons!

Jaime working on her hydrangea centerpieces.

Her mother, Jaime, and her grandmother are proud of their centerpieces! We added ribbon details around the vases upon set up. Adorable!

This moment brought me to tears…Jaime finishing her own bridal bouquet with her family giggling and crying with excitement. So special!

And now for the professional photos…thanks to Landon Wise Photography.

Thanks for sharing the professional photos Jaime! Each bouquet was personally made by each of these girls in our studio, they are so proud!

Pink hydrangea and pink garden roses form a perfectly romantic bouquet for the maids. The wrap was accented with upholstery pins.

The ceremony was accented with assorted galvanized pails filled with monobotanical arrangements of stock, roses and hydrangea, accented with coordinating ribbon. Great work Jaime! We adorned the pews with a single stem of pink hydrangea and silver ribbon.

Her centerpiece trio all dressed up with her adorable ribbon details.

“Dear Mary and Dawn,

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to the both of you for our AMAZING Wedding DIY Experience!!!  We can’t stop talking about how awesome our DIY party was with you both.  We had such a fun time and I could not be happier with how everything came out… The ceremony flowers looked beautiful!   We loved everything!
Talk to you soon,