For the past two weekends, we have been down to Avalon celebrating our Jersey shore roots visiting our friends at The Golden Inn. So that leads me to the perfect blog post sharing Ashley & Dan’s Golden Inn wedding with images from New Jersey’s stellar (and I mean, STELLAR) Hello Gorgeous Photography.

Behind the scenes at A Garden Party, we had a lot of debate about the cheetah print ribbon on this bridal bouquet. I finally said “Let’s just embrace the wild!”

I’m a color gal so this is making me happy! Lime green, purple and blue flowers – we can make that happen!
The animal print ribbon matched her shoes!!

We dressed up our bamboo canopy with bright green sheer fabric, it never looked so good!

Our coordinating aisle poles were dressed with whimsical ribbons and starfish.


Eeeek we all know what really excites me about this photo is the SPRINGER’S ICE CREAM CART! The flowers are great and all, but this ice cream is THE BEST.

Well, let’s also not forget to mention my Laura’s fudge and Johnson’s popcorn addiction. 

Please enjoy Ashley’s Bride Diaries…..

1. What was your all time favorite moment of your special day?

 Seeing my husband before the wedding. We choose to do a first look before the ceremony and it honestly was the best choice. It allowed us to have a moment before all the craziness began. We both cried and the pictures my photographer (Hello Gorgeous) took speak for themselves. It was such a memorable moment when he turned around and saw me. I’ll never forget it.

2. We know things don’t always go as planned…Were there any entertaining wedding bloopers?

 Little things, nothing to major though! Things not being where they need to be, running behind schedule, the usual. Looking back, I let those things bother me and I wish I hadn’t! 

3. Any wedding toasts that made you laugh, cry, or gasp?

The best man’s speech was perfect. He made me cry, he just captured Dan(my husband) so perfectly and really spoke so eloquently of him and I. He did not even read from his notes, he spoke from the heart and probably memory. My maid of honor was so nervous! But her speech was so beautiful. She has been my best friend for over 10 years and I loved how she told Dan how to take care of me and gave examples of how too.

4. It’s okay to admit it – did you have any Bridezilla moments?

The morning of while we were getting ready. I had 7 bridesmaids (whose ages ranged from 16 to 26), my mom, my mother-in-law, and myself to get ready a.k.a hair, make up, and getting dressed. I had so many people in my parent’s condo (that is where we got ready) and it got really overwhelming very quickly. Thank god for my hair stylists, they kept giving me mimosas and told me to relax! 

5. Did you have a wedding planner? If so, did it make your day run smoother? Was it worth it?

 No, I wish I did though! Wedding planning is tough work! Plus it is nice to have someone control the day so you can relax and enjoy it!

6. Cake or cupcakes? What was the flavor?

 Cupcakes..which was the best decision ever. We had all different flavors to satisfy every taste bud. We also had a Springer’s ice cream bar which went really well with the cupcakes!

7. We always try to bring your floral dreams to life…did we succeed? In what ways? Is there any room for improvement?

The flowers and decor exceeded our expectations. I can’t even put into words how amazing everything turned out. The colors just came to life and really made the wedding stand out!!

8. What song really got the party started?

 the cupid shuffle, as always!

9. Who were your other vendors?

Catering: The Golden Inn, Avalon, NJ

Bakery: The Sweet Life

Dress: Nicole Miller

Hair and Makeup: Rena Flacco for hair and Simone Milton for makeup

Entertainment: For the ceremony/cocktail hour – KOKA - I wanted something different for my ceremony so we got steel drums and it was awesome! Sounded amazing and my guests loved it! For our reception we used a DJ, Malcolm Poindexter III and he was awesome! He really got the party started and people were sad when the music ended!

Boardwalk Photo Booth Rentals was awesome as well. My guests loved the props and pictures they got! I also loved book they gave to me which everyone signed!

10. I’m sure your day was amazing, but if you could change one thing about your wedding what would it be? Or would you not change anything at all?

I wish I would not have let the little things get to me! I feel like I was stressed the whole wedding planning process that I did not get to enjoy it. It is such a fun time in a couple’s life and they should enjoy taking the time to plan everything.
Thank you for sharing these words of wisdom with us Ashley! Looking forward to our busy season at the Jersey shore coming up.
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