Wedding Planning? Try Wedding "Pinning"

A Game Changer in Event Planning.

Already heavy artillery in the wedding-planning arsenal, Pinterest has stepped up to the next level with its new update.  Let's explore. 

Okay, so originally when we met with couples, they would have a "Wedding Board" on Pinterest to show us their ideas and inspiration.   This was great way for clients to get an entire theme together, but as wedding vendors, we were drowning in the information.  We meet with up to 10 couples a week, so we see a lot of recycled "pins" and it becomes more difficult to differentiate exactly what specifics catered to each couple.  Throw in the fact that there are a million different topics to pin - from favors, to dresses, to invitations, to cakes, to flowers, etc - and we realized we were wasting a lot of time trying to sort through each board.

A general "wedding" board 

A general "wedding" board 

We started to encourage clients to create individual "Wedding Flowers" boards.  This made things a bit easier, but there was still a lot of different looks all in one place that made designing difficult.  There was still a plethora of variety and what a bride would show for colors wouldn't match how she wanted her bouquet to look, etc.

pinterest - wedding planning

With Pinterest's new update, you can now take a Title Board (say, Wedding Flowers) and then subdivide it into different categories such as Bouquets, Centerpieces, Ceremony, Placecard Table, etc.  

A wedding board taking advantage of the new sub-section option.

A wedding board taking advantage of the new sub-section option.

It may seem to be on the extreme side of organization, but it is honestly SO WORTH the extra effort to help with communication and styling.  This works great not only for us as vendors, but also for YOU, planning, since it will keep your vision more clear as to exactly what your preferences are for the different aspects of your wedding flowers.  

Let's Try It Out.

Step 1.  Create a New Board

Start the way you would always create a new board, and give it a clear title (Kramer Wedding 2018) so that any vendor you may share with knows it's you.  Labels like "Our Big Day" are great for private use, but are harder to identify. 

pinterest - wedding planning
pinterest - wedding planning

Step 2.  Add a "Section"

Easy enough!  Right below the title of your new board is the "Add Section" option. Go ahead and title your subdivision with whatever you'd like to pin first.  For example, "Bouquets."

pinterest - wedding planning
pinterest - wedding planning

Step 3. Start Pinning

Now for the fun part!  Start pinning whatever images match what you're looking for in your section.  It will give you the option to pin to the main board first and then you can look for whichever section applies. 

pinterest - wedding planning
pinterest - wedding planning

Step 4. Keep it Organized

I found this floral crown I loved while looking at bouquets.  Since it doesn't fit with the bouquet section, I went ahead and added a "Hair Flowers" sections right from the pinning option. Easy peasy!

pinterest - wedding planning
pinterest - wedding planning


We absolutely love this new update and hope (pray) our clients take advantage of this feature.  The best part about it is that it is SO easy to use.  Even this post was meant more to show the benefits of it than a "how-to" guide, since it's pretty self-explanatory.  We can't wait to try it out for our events (and interior design and meal planning and wardrobe wishes ...)

Finished pinning?

Come in for a meeting so we can see what fabulous ideas you have for your big day!



Holiday Shindig at Running Deer Golf Club

'Tis the season for the gathering of family, friends and loved ones...preferably around a fabulously set table with a healthy amount of bubbly.  We teamed up with Running Deer Golf Club to present our vision of the perfect festive party to inspire those getting ready for their holiday events and looking for a venue to host them at!

Grove Photography gave us these amazing images to show the art of holiday event styling that will set the stage for an evening of laughing, catching up and all the under-the-mistletoe action that we could hope for this winter.

Running Deer holiday party invite

This beautiful invitation suite from House of Catherine was a mix of delicate detailing and unexpected texture with gold foil accents, torn paper edges and a bold red wax seal. 

Running Deer holiday party welcome sign
Running Deer holiday party set up

This cozy side room by Running Deer's entrance has smooth wood floors and floor to ceiling windows that give an airy and bright feel to make any party guest feel welcomed and comfortable. 

Running Deer holiday party hot chocolate bar

Um yes, yes and YES!  This adorable hot chocolate bar was not only beautiful (hello, wood slices, gold candles and miniature Christmas tree) but also stocked full of delicious add-ons for toasty mugs of hot chocolate.  Our pipe and drape backdrop helped make all the details looked nicely staged instead of being overwhelmed by each other.

Running Deer holiday party hot chocolate bar

Floral design, like any art, is always evolving. It's exciting for us to take new approaches that are interesting and unique while still remaining cohesive to the theme of an event and visually beautiful.  We're so happy with how these hoops of different varieties of evergreen turned out, representing our goals of thinking just outside the box for every event we work on.

Running Deer holiday party hot chocolate bar
Running Deer Holiday Party place settings

With the funky touches of our evergreen hoops, we decided to step up the elegance for our table settings.  Smooth mint green linens from Let's Do Linens had a monochromatic feel when paired with our matching taper candles.  Brass candleholders and bud vases with gold chargers gave the shine the holiday theme required.

Running Deer Holiday party centerpiece details
Running Deer holiday party centerpiece

This gold compote arrangement was made with orchids, glazed fruits, evergreens, pine cones, hydrangeas and red and white roses.

BeFunky Collage2.jpg

We like to think that napkin details, like these cinnamon sticks with evergreen and yarn, show the honor each individual guest brings to the table, and the thought that went into their inclusion.

Running Deer holiday party details

Ta-da!  Be sure to let us know if you need any help with decor this holiday season!

A Dreamy Drizzling Day at the Knowlton Mansion

Melissa and Max's wedding was a cozy event for a rainy day.  Warm candlelight, strings of lights and lush arrangements made for a pretty interior, while the endless windows of the Knowlton Mansion let guests look with comfort at the drizzling pitter patter showering the outside.  Viva Love Photography rolled with the punches with the overcast day, never skipping a beat as they captured stunning portraits of the couple nestled together under an umbrella, looking happy and in love.

Take a look at these romantic fall arrangements and decor for Melissa & Max's wedding, below.

fall wedding stems
fall wedding portrait knowlton mansion

Melissa's tiny frame made her large bouquet to look even more overgrown.  The cascading form gave her the whimsical theme she requested, while the blush, red, burgundy and green tones made it look like something out of a forest.  We love the pop of orange for Max's bout - it creates the perfect focal point to draw the eye in these artsy images.

fall wedding bridesmaids knowlton mansion
fall wedding bridal party knowlton mansion

Melissa's bridesmaids' bouquets may have been small, but there was no shortage of texture with the mix of roses, ranunculus, dahlias, eucalyptus and stock.

indoor fall wedding ceremony knowlton mansion

We draped ivory curtains around the Knowlton Mansion's pergola for the couple's ceremony space for a clean yet romantic backdrop.  Gorgeous floral sprays embraced the rest of the fall tones, with deep burgundy dahlias, red astilbe, hydrangea, roses, stock and greenery.

indoor fall ceremony knowlton mansion
reception space knowlton mansion

This reception space is a knockout.  The clean lines of the beams and smooth floor makes it an open canvas for clients to decide how they want to design their event, and Melissa & Max took full advantage.  

vintage guest list knowlton mansion

Our vintage mirrors were used to display the seating chart designed by Martha Wasser of Amour Artistique, and the draped vines and floating candles helped create quite the welcome as guests searched for their names. 

fall wedding centerpieces knowlton mansion

The reception details were endless, with brass candlesticks, gold terrariums and gold compote centerpieces all coming together to create the whimsical, romantic scene that Melissa envisioned in her planning.

fall wedding centerpiece knowlton mansion
fall wedding head table knowlton mansion

Sometimes we can't decide which we prefer - the intimacy of a sweetheart table, or the commanding beauty of a doing a decked out head table.  In instances like this, it definitely tips the scale towards head table! 

fall wedding reception knowlton mansion
fall wedding cake knowlton mansion

Small clusters of flower heads were all this gorgeous tiered wedding cake needed for an extra pop.

rainy portrait knowlton mansion

Congratulations, Melissa & Max!  May you continue to keep each other warm on rainy days!

Holiday Decorating, A Garden Party style

Welcome to December!

Happy December 1st, everybody!  December seemed to come especially fast this year, and we've already noted countless friends posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram of their holiday-decorating taking place.  Our own Holiday Decorating services are in full effect - please call us if you're already exhausted thinking about all the things to do this month and need someone to lug up those heavy bins take care it for you!

Whether you'd like our help or already started your decorating, take a look below for some of our humble advice and services to make this holiday season the best (or at least the prettiest) one yet!


Find your style inspiration.

We personally love turning to the White House for some over-the-top holiday decorating.  Extravagant and varied, it's a great way to see what you're drawn to...this year, maybe not those creepy white trees everyone's talking about #sorryMelania. But other than that one hallway (can't win them all!) our nations capital was transformed to a winter wonderland, perfect to look for some inspiration. 

Source : ABC News

Source : ABC News

Is there anything NOT to love about this gorgeous winter woodland set up???  Gorgeous for those who like the classic white and dark green aesthetic.

Source : ABC News

Source : ABC News

Source : ABC News

Source : ABC News

Source : ABC News

Source : ABC News

Should've called us!  Some twinkle lights, some silver and white ornaments and flowers and boom! This would have been dream-worthy instead of meme-worthy.

Dust off the Decorations 

Taking out all the bins of ornaments and nutcrackers and seeing the collection as a whole is an easier way to determine where everything should go.  Whether you hire our handy crew of freelance elves to put it all out for you, or do it yourself, it's good to take a look at the inventory all at once.  Just because you've had the same decorations for 20 years, doesn't mean they can't be used in different ways, and our fresh eyes will transform your home as if Santa himself came early.

Ashley decorating sleigh
front of house with sleigh
garland and picture display

Yes, this was actually someone's home!  This extensive collection of Christmas decorations gave us a ton of options and we are obsessed with how it all came together.  It was a ton of work, and we were ecstatic to be able to take that load off someone's hands so that all they had to do was come home and enjoy it.

holiday details
mantle with stockings

Trees, please.

Some clients prefer to leave the tree-decorating for themselves while we take care of the rest of the house and we totally understand the traditional element.  It's amazing how ornament by ornament, these Christmas staples come together to show a whole history of a family.  Again the varied themes of fun and bright, to classic red and gold, to woodsy white are all represented through our clients' trees.

colorful tree
white woodland tree
classic christmas tree

A New Challenge.

This year we had the honor of helping to decorate the Crowne Plaza of Cherry Hill with Jennifer Designs Events.  It was amazing to work on such a large scale project, so if you're in the area be sure to stroll through the lobby and check out some of our handiwork!

hotel decor

Already Decorated?  Prefer to do it Yourself? 

No problem!  We're a hands-on kind of crew, so we totally get those that like to decorate on their own.  However, we have come up with some awesome options to splurge on if you'd like to take your decor the extra mile with either Custom Gift Wrapping, Workshops, or add-ons!

Ribbon Tree Toppers

Starting at $30, these customizeable toppers can be made to fit whichever theme your tree reflects.  We have bold colors and patterns, glitter, elegant and rustic selections to choose from for a show-stopping tree topping.

ribbon topper



A season staple, dress your table up for whatever event you host during the holidays.  Send us a snap of your linen if you prefer, and let us create a fresh arrangement to add even more of a pop to your Christmas decorations. 

christmas centerpiece options



Order one to pick up or come make one yourself!  Gorgeous evergreen wreaths give you season's greetings before you even open the door.  Ribbon bows, pine cones and other seasonal elements are all used to create a warm welcome for every doorway.  Give us a call to order one from us or sign up for our Holiday Wreath Making event on Thursday, December 14th at 6pm.  This class was a HUGE hit last year, so we hope to see you there!

wreath workshop
holiday dec 4.jpg
AGP wreaths

For more DIY Holiday Decorating, check out our Upcoming Workshops with our sister business, A Milkhouse Party!

Garden Style in the Vineyard at Willow Creek Winery

Our recent trip to Willow Creek Winery for Haley and Ben's wedding was classic in theme but packed quite the punch in the sheer amount of details. We are thrilled to be establishing a stronger hold of really transforming an entire space to match the floral style of our clients, steadily outgrowing the days we only made bouquets and centerpieces.  

Emily Wren Photography is another vendor who we know takes style to heart - for every arrangement we place, there are at least 5 images to show the different angles and dimension.  Emily is one of those photographers that you do a little fist pump when you see her name.  There's never a doubt she's going to deliver a package that exceeds expectations, and she's nailed down a method to event photography that is proven perfection over and over again.

Take a look for yourself, below!

stationary staging
haley bouquet

Haley's style was very airy with garden vibes.  A mix of blush dahlias, dusty miller, light orange spray roses, pink roses and touches of greenery gave a lot of texture to this pretty piece.

Ben's bout

Ben's bout was very chic, a small white spray roses with touches of eucalyptus and white hypericum berry to go with his grey tux.

haley's bridesmaids

Haley's ladies wore an array of different color gowns, all pulled together with matching bouquets of roses, berries and dusty miller.

Haley and Ben ceremony wide shot

The ceremony space was a garden sanctuary, with a background of the vineyard providing a lush green backdrop.  The florals on the altar and down the aisle stood out nicely to create a beautiful focal point for Haley and Ben to say their vows.

altar close up
Haley and Ben ceremony details

Custom signage, trailing ribbons and full arrangements to adorn the wine barrels made for lovely ceremony details.

Haley and Ben ceremony kiss
wide shot of Haley and Ben's reception space

Moving into the reception space, we had a lot of fun tackling the different corners of the room.  The large stone mantle and wooden place card table were especially fun pieces to dress up the way Haley pictured her perfect day.

placecard table

Love love love this piece.

mantle piece
garland runner

For Haley and Ben's guest tables, we varied the centerpieces depending on the size of the table.  The longer tables had garland runners and scattered floating candles to help guests feel connected.  For the smaller tables, our gold mercury elevated trios were placed in a mix of roses, dahlias, hypericum and greenery - these beauties seriously look so good no matter where we use them and this event was no exception.  Touches of olive napkin treatments was just the right touch to bring the whole look together.

Haley and Ben tablescapes
Haley and Ben sweetheart table

We gave the couple's sweetheart table the royal treatment, making it seem as if the garden was growing right up from the floor around the table legs.  A garland was draped towards the front with candlelight and rose heads giving them an ultimate sense of romance for their first meal as a married couple.

sweetheart table details for Haley and Ben
chair swag
SneakPeek-193 (1).jpg

The final touch on our day with Haley and Ben was making sure their cake looked almost too good to eat - rose heads, hypericum berries and olive sprigs made sure this dessert went along with the rest of the decor. 


Congratulations, Haley and Ben! XOXO

Rich Red Hues at the Inn at Fernbrook Farms

Sonia and Sam's wedding at the Inn at Fernbrook Farms was an enchanting event.  Touches of deep red hues in her floral selections were a fresh addition to our coolers, especially when paired with lush greens and soft ivory and blush tones.  It seemed as if every corner of this event had a touch of the couple's style, and we were thrilled to design in a way that could represent their love story.

Emily Wren Photography once again strikes with her raw talent and Midas-like abilities.  You'll find yourself transported to Sonia and Sam's romantic evening thanks to her amazing skill with a camera. 


sonia and sam stationary

We love watching this photographer at work, and always have a bucket of fresh flowers on hand to help her with her staging.

sonia bouquet

Sonia's arrangements were the perfect designs as we transition into cooler seasons - trailing ribbons, hanging berries, and rich red garden roses made this standout bouquet just as unique as it is elegant.

sam bout

It's so much fun when we get to play with the groom's accessories, too - Sam's bout of blush spray rose and dark berries really popped against his sharp blue and black tux.

Sonia and Sam bridal party
Sonia and Sam ceremony space at the Inn at Fernbrook

The Inn at Fernbrook Farms offers countless backdrops and serene settings to give each event a sense of exclusivity.  Their ceremony locations are especially intimate, and allow guests to either go au naturel or dress up with decor (as pictured above) for a truly special setting.

Sonia and Sam ceremony details

Sonia and Sam decided on a selection of signage and delicate ribbon wands for their wedding ceremony.  We adorned their handmade birch chuppah with layers and layers of flowers, including dahlias, roses, astilbe, spray roses, vines, hydrangea, ferns and eucalyptus.

Sonia and Sam at the altar
Sonia and Sam reception wide shot

The scene that was set for the couple's reception was simply breathtaking.  The clear top tent from Ocean Tents is permanently stationed at the Inn at Fernbrook is ideal for those who want to enjoy a garden wedding without the risk of being limited by weather.  It also serves as the perfect way for us to hang a floral chandelier!  

A variety of arrangements and centerpieces were scattered around the entirety of the reception space, including terrariums, gold mercury candles and vases, minimalist garlands and rose heads.  Having such an eclectic mix of designs made the space more interesting while still maintaining a consistent vibe.

Sonia and Sam Inn at Fernbrook reception details.jpg
Sonia and Sam Inn at Fernbrook reception details
Sonia and Sam floral chandelier close up

Any event in which the couple will dance under a chandelier of flowers is a 10/10 in our book!

Sonia and Sam first dance

Congratulations, Sonia and Sam!  Thank you so much for your amazing vision and allowing us to design for your gorgeous wedding day!

Country Soul at Running Deer Golf Club

Phil and Bridgette's wedding at Running Deer Golf Club stayed true to their love of country and appreciation for the simple things in life.  Soft blush tones made this affair pure of heart and rich in soul.  Gold accents and lots of twinkling candlelight dressed up the decor for an added level of romance.

Dana Zarin Photography worked her magic once again, providing images that show the heartfelt laughs and amount of love that filled the room.



Bridgette's bouquet was a lush mix of white ranunculus, blush peonies and sweet pea.  Throw in her elegant bridal tiara and we are getting some serious princess vibes!


Our beloved floral cuffs made an appearance, delicately adorned with ranunculus and waxflower for the mothers of the bride and groom.

Remster wedding bridesmaids

The deep blue tones of the bridesmaids' gowns made them ideal for this country-themed wedding!  White bouquets popped wonderfully against the darker hue.

Remster wedding groomsmen

The guys opted for a more casual look with jeans to go with their blazers and vests.  Small bouts of ranunculus stems and brunia berries were the no-fuss combination of white and silver that fit seamlessly into their attire. 

Remster ceremony

Vases filled with white hydrangea, trios of pillar candles and wooden signs with romantic quotes greeted the couple on their walk down the aisle. 

Remster reception

We did a quick flip after the ceremony to transform the space for the reception.  Garlands of eucalyptus elongated the tables, and scattered mercury votives and gold-beaded chargers added just the right amount of formality.  We love the selection of blue napkins to coordinate with the bridal party's outfits and custom cups that were favors from the couple.

Remster centerpieces
Remster terrarium votive
remster cake flowers

The couple's wedding cake was truly a work of art!  Tiers of gold, blush and white icing matched the whole theme of the wedding - we added our own touch with a blush peony, stems of greenery and gold mercury votives. 

Remster bride and groom portrait

Congratulations, Bridgette and Phil! May you continue to fill your days with love and laughter!

Spring Pastels at Eastlyn Golf Course

Tara and AJ's wedding at Eastlyn Golf Course was exactly what spring brides dream of.  The emerald forest backdrop made for perfect photo ops for the bridal party, and Tara's selection of blush, white and purple florals were a romantic combination of pastels to match the blooming miracle of nature. 

Jessica Cooper Photography had a TON of selection for us to choose from, and it was hard to narrow down our favorites into a gallery.  Her eye for detail and variety makes us filled with gratitude to have such talented documentation of our work.  It doesn't hurt that this vibrant couple was so photogenic and fun to work with. 

Enjoy Tara and AJ's wedding day!

blush bridal bouquet close up

White peonies, sweet pea, lavender spray roses, white stock, and white ranunculus made for a full and lush bouquet that looked right at home in this forest setting. 

formal bridal portrait

Such a beauty!  Tara gave us some serious princess vibes thanks to the talented dream team that helped her get ready - her gorgeous har was styled by Ariel Katrina  and make up was done by Meghan Jester.  Her stunning dress was found at Jay West boutique in Haddonfield and rounded out her fairy tale look.

groom formal portrait
floral pocket square by A Garden Party florist

Groom AJ made sure to bring his style A-game as well!  His shining blue tux was from Tom James, and a floral pocket square was a seamless addition - unique, fun and clean looking.

bride and groom formal shot
bridal party on bridge in woods

Love this bridge shot!

wideshot of church ceremony

Church ceremonies always encourage us to add some extra flair to the arrangements.  The gorgeous, ornate details found in most churches sets the bar high to provide floral work that is elegant, tasteful and stands out enough to show how special this specific ceremony is.  For Tara and AJ's ceremony at St. Isidore the Farmer in Vineland, NJ we used larger altar arrangements, golden urns and wide long ribbons to create a grand effect for their entrance.

golden urn altar arrangement
bright spring aisle arrangement
bride and groom post ceremony kiss
wide shot of head table

Any married couple will tell you just how quickly the day passes by, so we love these shots of Tara and AJ being able to get a sneak peek of their reception space all dressed up, so they could fully appreciate all their planning before the party began.

gold mercury candle trio

We pulled out all the stops for the couple's head table, using garland, our gold mercury elevated trio, and adding gold urns to the base to create a cascading, seamless look.

angled shot of head table with garland
bride and groom chair swags

Chair swags (pictured above) are always a great way to mark where the guests of honor are seated.

tall gold centerpieces

Our tall gold centerpiece stands were made for this reception space, coordinating perfectly with the gold chairs!  We will always love these high centerpieces as amazing statement pieces that bring the "wow" factor without being overwhelming. Touches of vines in the group of hydrangeas and roses keep them from being too rounded. 

gold compote arrangement
gold compote arrangement with succulent

How cute are these?! These gold compotes packed an extra punch with their huge succulents and variety of colored roses.

reception preview with bride
tiered cake with blush and purple flowers

The final touch to the reception decor was decorating this stunning cake by Stella Bakery.  We wrapped the base of each tier with feathered eucalyptus, and added a selection of ivory roses, lavender spray roses and blush peonies for a soft, romantic look. 

bride and groom portrait in the woods

Congratulations, Tara and AJ! 

Check out the couple's wedding video from DMart Films.

Oh Baby! Tina's Baby Shower filled with Sweetness

When we got word of our good friend, Tina's, baby shower, there was no question that we would have to send some A Garden Party love her way.  Our friendship was formed back when she and Mary attended Penn State together, but her skills as a high-end photographer have led our work lives to cross paths many times as well. 

Tina's shower was just perfect for her.  It was gorgeous, elegant and fun without any extra frills or fuss.  As a guest to the shower, we are so grateful for event coordinator Lora of Laurel & Elm for the way she spearheaded all of the details and planning.  That lady is in the right industry for sure! 

Take a look at some of the details from Tina's shower - all taken by herself, Tina Jay Photography.  We wish we could document our lifestyle with the eye and talent she has!  

succulent favors

Potted succulents were personalized with guests' names, everyone's favorite kind of favor.  Our peach and pink petal linen dressed up this simple set up - this linen is loud and proud and perfect for celebrating a baby girl!

close up of baby shower favor table

We love the little ways Baby Reagan was honored throughout the decor! 

tina baby shower centerpieces

Crisp white linens and chairs let our pink centerpieces of hydrangea, sweet pea, astilbe and zinnias have the little pop they deserved.

pink baby shower centerpieces
close up of pink summer centerpieces
selfie station backdrop

A selfie station, what! This adorable backdrop was such a fun addition for photo ops - we made sure to keep it pretty with a corner piece of eucalyptus and roses.

corner piece for selfie station
pink and peach petal linen

We told you this party was filled with sweetness!  A cupcake tower and donut wall were the real guests of honor here, though they came close to looking almost too good to eat. Almost.

baby shower details

Our bamboo easel is such a cool and funky piece, but it needs the right home to look just right.  We're so happy that it could help with one of the beautiful signs provided by Lora. 

close up of donut wall
tina blog post on motherhood

Congratulations, Tina!  We are so happy for you, and can not WAIT to meet your adorable new bundle of joy!!!!!!

A Garden Party Friendors : Wedding Planners

Having a wedding planner is an excellent addition to your vendor team for a few good reasons.

1. Kiss Your Stress Goodbye

The biggest and best reason to hire a wedding planner is to save yourself from the stress of figuring out all the million little details of your event by yourself.  After all, you've never planned a wedding before - these professionals work with weddings every weekend, and have found the solutions to most of the major and minor problems you'll probably come across.  Think rain plans, budgets, scheduling appointments, and seating charts - depending on what package you go with, your wedding planner will become your guardian angel of event perfection and a greater source of relaxation than a 5-star spa. 

2. The Inside Scoop

A wedding planner's profession is to know the ins-and-outs of the wedding industry.  This means they know a ton of vendors and will be able to steer you in the direction that fits your budget and style best.  They're also great for scoring discounts with companies that they've set up business relationships with, and will know who delivers impeccable service and the highest quality product. 

3. Day of Perfection

If you hire a professional early on in your wedding planning process, then they will work closely with you in detailing the day of your dreams.  They'll know your personality, your style, what's most important to you during your wedding day, and will be able to execute the event you've been fantasizing about for what was most likely many many months.  Having some background information about you makes these vendors invaluable assets during your wedding day, as they won't be swept up in the rush and romance that makes it somewhat of a blur for most brides.  If you're on the fence about whether or not a wedding planner is necessary, we highly recommend you jump to the side that says "yes!" and hire one of the fantastic companies we've had the pleasure of getting to know!


Renee Patrone

Events By Renee

First up on the list is Renee Patrone of Events by Renee.  Renee is a dear friend with invaluable knowledge of wedding and event-planning that makes her one of the most sought after in the industry in the Philadelphia area.  Renee has been featured on Fox29 news multiple times to give her advice on hosting and is an expert on trends and elegance.  Her business has expanded to include a national service of  "Party Host Helpers" so that no matter what the scale of your event is, she can alleviate some of the stresses of hosting.  

Left: Image taken from the Events by Renee website // Right: Rach Loves Troy Photography

Left: Image taken from the Events by Renee website // Right: Rach Loves Troy Photography

Bel Momento 

Bel Momento Weddings and Special Events

Kristin Barse of Bel Momento is one of our favorite friendors to date!  The events we've worked with her on have been incredibly large-scale, and her cool-under-pressure demeanor is what makes her one of the best.  The two events featured below had an entire team of different vendors, locations, decor options and more - it was enough to make anyone's head spin, but Bel Momento upheld their reputation of executing each stage with perfect precision. Established in 2005, her company stands on passion, experience and a determination to help deliver their clients' love stories. 

(The chalkboard featured in the image above was originally the guest list held to the board with a few pieces of masking tape.  Kristin's sharp eye noticed the eyesore and tracked us down to add some chalk flowers to disguise the tape and help the sign become a work of art.  Just one of the many many details she's responsible for!)

Proud to Plan

Proud to Plan is a company that we are just recently getting to know better, and we are pumped about the future of this relationship!  Always one step ahead of us, they are great at answering questions, figuring out logistics, and incredibly helpful with directing vendors to serve their clients best.  It is so important to book a planner who has a great dynamic with other vendors so that the goal of the team continues to stay focused on you and your day.  We look forward to the upcoming events we have with this crew!

staff photo of Proud to Plan

Kyle Michelle Weddings

Of course as sisters, we love working with sisters!  We've been in touch with the sisters behind Kyle Michelle Weddings for years now, and it has been an exciting journey watching both of our companies grow together.  The bar for their events continues to rise, and each time they manage to raise it a little bit more.  While we absolutely adore the new relationships we have been able to build, there is something to say about having a history with these wonderful ladies.  Their website and social media shows them for exactly what they are - fun, inspiring and really really good at planning gorgeous, upscale events. 

DiSalvo Events & Design

Another recent relationship we see a lot of promise in is Allison DiSalvo of DiSalvo Events & Design.  New to the industry, we are enjoying watching her style unfold and anxiously await the launch of her new website!  Her energy and investment in her clients helped us hit it off right away, and we will happily recommend this budding entrepreneur.  Her company also offers rentals and custom signage, the perfect additions to bring any event to the next level! 

allison disalvo headshot

We hope this helps you on your journey to put together an A+ team of event vendors!  

Venues We Love : Congress Hall Styled Shoot

Congress Hall is easily one of our favorite venues to work at.  With events all over the tri-state area, we don't make statements like this lightly.  The clients are always easy-going with great style, the staff is so friendly and helpful, the venue keeps top-rated vendors on their approved list (meaning we know it will always be a #dreamteam) and the views, both inside and out, are beautiful and full of character.  Throw in the location being in the center of charming Cape May, NJ, our staff is always fighting to see who gets to be on the Congress Hall delivery squad.

When Tami & Ryan Photography approached us about a styled shoot, it was a no-brainer to bring our creations to this venue which has been so beneficial to us.  Working together with this husband & wife duo has led to a wonderful friendship, and we love how their bright images can be found all over our website and promotions. 

behind the scenes of Congress Hall photo shoot

Setting up on photo shoot day is a lot of work, but totally worth the potential of finding couples who love the way we style when we're left to our own devices.  It also gives us a chance to use new pieces of our rental inventory in a way that shows our clients how it will look should they decide to use it themselves. 

Congress Hall photo shoot cascading bouquet
close up of crystal and ribbon bouquet wrap

You know we like 'em big!  Our photo shoot bouquet draped almost to the ground, cascasding ribbons to flow with the vines.  We picked lots of different stems of greenery for a textured look, and touches of blush orchids and sweet pea to bring out the gorgeous blush tulle gown from Free Love Bridal shop

your day your way hair and make up photo shoot

Of course, the elegant hair styling and make-up was put together by the talented hands of Your Day Your Way.

floral shoulder piece by A Garden Party florist

We balanced out the heavier look of our bouquet with intricate floral shoulder pieces to tie in all of the different botanical elements and to make it less overwhelming.

Floral Accessory inspiration by A Garden Party florist

We don't discriminate!  We are firm supporters of the idea that all members of the bridal party and honored guests should have special floral accessories to show their place of importance to the bride and groom.

Ceremony details by A Garden Party florist for Congress Hall photo shoot

Rings are obviously a very symbolic part of a wedding ceremony as a representation of "eternity."  What better way to maximize this gesture than to be married underneath a circular arch?!  Our newest ceremony structure is timeless and offers the choice of a simpler approach with vines and hanging flowers a more dramatic flair with bigger floral pieces.  

Hanging flowers for aisle arrangements are the perfect way to tie any theme together and to dress up the white chairs. 

circle arch ceremony piece by A Garden Party florist at Congress Hall

Our wire urns filled with moss are the perfect addition for garden-inspired altar arrangements. 

donut wall for Congress Hall photo shoot

How adorable is this donut wall?!  We were talking with the other vendors about making this happen and it was actually Ryan from Tami & Ryan Photography who built this himself for our shoot!  The blush tone is perfect for this pink-loving photography team, and it ended up being fun, photogenic, and incredibly delicious. 

cocktail hour details by A Garden Party florist for Congress Hall photo shoot

The donut wall set the tone for the rest of the cocktail hour, and we had some fun filling our terrarium with sprinkles and using our vintage teapot collection as vases for arrangements of anemone and eucalyptus. 

blush centerpiece arrangement by A Garden Party florist

Tami really wanted to focus on adding blush elements for this photo shoot, since the iconic teal walls of Congress Hall serve as the perfect backdrop for this color scheme.  We used our pink mercury glassware for blush and green arrangements, and added orchids for an element of blush as napkin treatments.  Gold candleholders broke up the monochromatic look just enough to make it interesting and elegant. 

reception details by A Garden Party florist for Congress Hall photo shoot
Table runner details by A Garden Party florist at Congress Hall
bride and groom portrait at Congress Hall

Good work, everyone!  Special thanks again to Tami and Ryan for inviting us to be a part of this styled shoot! For even more details, check out their own post on the day.


Venue: Congress Hall

Photography : Tami and Ryan Photography

Dress : Free Love Bridal Shop

Hair and Makeup : Your Day Your Way

Stationary : Narola Design and Letterpress

Calligraphy: Charlie Whiskey Design

Cinematography : Be Films

Avalon Wedding Florist : Alex & Brendan at Icona Golden Inn

We're at the peak of summer here, meaning we are flooded with seagulls, ocean water and sandy toes everywhere we look.  It's no surprise why brides get married down the shore - it's the ultimate destination for relaxation, daydreams and playful romance.  There's nothing quite like the smell of salty air or the sound of crashing waves to create a retreat from the real world.

Alex and Brendan's wedding at Icona Golden Inn was the epitome of summer lovin'.  We loved Alex's take on styling for her shore wedding - her use of nautical elements were very subtle, and while her color selections matched perfectly with the atmosphere, they were outside of the traditional box typically used for a beach setting. 

We are obsessed with these images from Becka Pillmore Photography.  She captured all the details that went into Alex and Brendan's wedding decor with an air of delicacy and timelessness that makes us excited for future collaborations.


Alex's bouquet was one for the books.  You already know we go weak in the knees for oversized bouquets, but this beauty had an amazing balance of color.  Soft blue tweedia, lavender sweet pea, blush peonies and white ranunculus were all brought to life with the lush backdrop the greenery created. 

These gowns are everything.  Flowing fabrics and a pretty floral pattern was a lovely combination to go with the bouquets of greenery and peonies. Added bonus?  They even look comfortable!

These dapper dudes sported ranunculus bouts, with Brendan rocking a small air plant for extra special touch.

Rustic Drift provided this amazing driftwood arbor for the couple's ceremony.  We happily added a garland of vines, peonies and dahlias to the top, allowing the natural wood to show through.  Our assorted lanterns and driftwood pedestal brought the whole altar together for a clean and minimalist look. 

What better prop to use as beach wedding placecards than oyster shells??  No need to scatter rose petals when sand is so readily available! 

Scattered candles, driftwood, terrariums and airplants made for a tablescape full of texture and character.  White linens and gold candlesticks coordinated perfectly with the rest of the reception space. 

Congratulations, Alex and Brendan!

Philadelphia Wedding Florist : Ashley & Kyle at Tendenza

Ashley and Kyle's wedding was fun, funky, glamorous and totally over the top in the best way possible.  Bold shades of purple and fuchsia demanded attention and shimmering bridesmaids gowns made this Tendenza wedding an event to remember. 

With all of urban touches and bright colors going on, Hoffer Photography was an easy selection to be the couples' wedding photographer.  Their artistic signature style was the perfect match to catch the bubbly personality of this adorable bride and the catchy details of the reception.


Holy hair!  Ashley is the owner of Philly Hair, making her an expert in the beauty industry.  We love how she went for thick, luscious locks for her wedding day and matched her style with a loud and proud bouquet of purple roses, stock, anemone and basically every other shade of purple we could get our hands on. 

You can feel the personality jumping out of the screen in this photo - a lot of credit goes to a talented photographer, but at some point it's because of how much fun the people are having.  Mismatched bridesmaids' gowns were filled with different patterns, colors and sequins galore for a especially glam bridal party. 

They did it!  Huge silver vases set the backdrop for Ashley and Kyle's ceremony, dripping with flowers and crystals alike.

Decorating at Tendenza is not for the faint of heart.  Their modern, luxe vibe calls for daring arrangements and each centerpiece must make a statement in order to keep up with the rest of this urban venue.  

We're so happy Ashley's style allowed us to deliver a product that did this space justice.  Having a client that lets us maximize our designs means that all parties walk away thrilled with the result.

If you fell in love with Ashley's fabulous style the way that we did, be sure to catch her "Hair Help" workshop over at A Milkhouse Party on Tuesday, August 15th at 6 pm.

Wedding Planning tips with help from Wedding Wire!

WeddingWire recently got in touch with us about sharing some of our advice with couples on setting a "Vendor Booking Timeline."  With tools such as their WeddingWire app and talking to vendors such as ourselves, they are trying their best to help couples eliminate as much stress as possible from wedding planning.  As florists, we've learned that the couples who have a clear vision about what their "wedding theme" is seem to have the smoothest planning experience.  We've broken down Wedding Wire's timeline to share what we've learned in our 11 years of business and experience.


Every couple has their own unique tastes, so researching your vendors' style is just as important as researching their pricing.  We've learned that photographers have a different approach in their work - some are light and airy, some are bright and colorful and some could be more dark and moody.  Hair, make-up and venue selections also have distinct characteristics that make them cater to a certain audience, whether the theme is nautical, rustic and woodsy, princess glamour or an elegant bridal. 

As you start to realize what kind of wedding theme fits your personality best, you'll see that decor plays a huge part in your wedding day. Discovering your style will help make booking decisions much easier, from the bridal bouquet to the placecards.  Catering to these styles is our specialty, and we're about to show you how your flowers and decor play into delivering the wedding of your dreams.

We'd agree with the Wedding Wire timeline with much of their booking suggestions - most of our clients book anywhere between 10 months to a year before their wedding.  We offer two consultations with clients - an initial meeting to go over your needs and officially book us as a vendor, and then a final meeting about 6 weeks before your event to make sure we have all the details in check.  If you have a more intensive design plan or are booking a venue we've never been to before, we offer a "site visit" to walk through the venue with you and figure out logistics.

Because we have become more experienced in "Event Design" (meaning our work goes beyond just flowers), booking with us has become a one-stop shop as far as event decor!  Our company handles furniture rentals, linens, ceremony structures and more, meaning that we cover all your bases when it comes to aesthetic of your wedding.  This will save you time from meeting with multiple vendors and scheduling set-up times and details.


Designing your event is more than just setting up pretty things.  We specialize in making sure every detail flows together to create an experience that all of your guests will remember.  We like to have a hand in everything going on for your wedding day - from adding flowers to your cake, to coordinating your bouquets with your bridesmaids' gowns, to decorating the stage and backdrop for your band or DJ, so keep us in the loop as you round up your vendor team!

Even your stationary - Save the Dates, invitations and placecards - are tied into your decor.  Many clients choose stationary that matches their flowers, and our custom signage can mimic whatever fonts or writing style you've selected.  

The bottom line is, having a solid idea about what your decor preferences are will make booking vendors a much more pleasant experience, and Event Designers such as ourselves can serve as the glue to tie it all together.  As you go through your timeline, you'll realize how vendors depend on each other and work together to deliver you with our best work possible.

Did you find this helpful?  We hope so!  You can download the complete timeline below, and be sure to check out Wedding Wire's Wedding Check-Lists page to help keep you organized as you plan for the big day.


South Jersey Wedding Florist : Amanda & Sean at the Smithville Inn

We've missed the Smithville Inn!  This colonial building is a diamond for couples searching for a venue with some rustic character.  Originally built in 1787, it is authentically historic, giving guests a step back in time as they celebrated the love between Amanda and Sean.

The most popular approach for floral design at the Smithville Inn has been chalked full of rustic charm and touches of vintage romance.  With weathered wood and rusty antiques, we try to make the flowers as vibrant and lush as we can to create a balance between the elements.  

Amanda and Sean's wedding was a homerun in our book - their old school glamour made their day one to remember.  It didn't hurt that everyone attending could walk the runways during fashion week - these images from Lurey Photography are sure to show the beauty found in both the decor and the people.

Rich berry tones mixed with dark greens and a few touches of blush made Amanda's bouquet pop and the variety of different blooms made its texture just as interesting as its color.

The non-matching bridesmaids' gown trend is here to stay - I wonder if bouquet trends will follow suit?

Smilax vines covered the Smithville Inn's pergola for the wild and natural look Amanda favored.

Creating a beautiful placecard table is just another way to honor the loved friends and family coming for your wedding day.  It shows the time and effort spent specifically envisioning how they to show that they are welcomed.  This eclectic collection of gold frames made for a beautiful entry - the re-purposing options for this are endless for after the wedding.

Gold and metallic elements gave some extra shine to the reception area.

Our stack of vintage suitcases gave a nod to the existing historic style of the Inn. 

"Less is more" proved to be a successful approach to this gorgeous 4-tiered naked cake.

A huge congratulations to Amanda and Sean - may you continue to walk together in life and in love.

Channel Your Inner Fairy With These Woodland Wedding Details

There's a reason that creatures such as fairies, mermaids and wood nymphs are consistently popular in story-telling.  They're magical, beautiful creatures that have just enough relation to humans to seem real.   Fairy Gardens are always our most popular class at A Milkhouse Party, and fake mermaid tails flood our Instagram feeds every summer.  

What better day to be inspired by the mythical than on your wedding day?  After all, it's a day described by most as a "fairy tale," full of love and romance and yes - magic.  We've rounded up some of our favorite woodland wedding items to bring out the inner fairy in all of us.


Outdoor Ceremony

If you're feeling your inner fairy wanting to spring out, obviously a woodsy wedding ceremony is ideal.  However, we have a few ceremony options that can give a natural vibe to even the most modern venue.  Wreaths for trees, arches and canopies can all be customized depending on the season and color scheme for your dreamy woodland vision.

Wooden Accents and MossMossMoss

There's a certain sense of enchantment when we can bring the outdoors in and embrace the beauty of nature in centerpieces and decor.  Our collection of wooden stumps, wood slices and lanterns are a way to maximize the forestry elements of these fairy-inspired events.  


Floral Accessories 

Okay, so there may be very few brides out there who are thinking of dancing down the aisle in fairy wings.  (Unfortunately) we think it may be frowned upon given the sincerity of the event.  However, there are some fun floral accessory options that are wedding-day approved to show a touch of your inner sprite. 

Floral crowns are a given, but have you thought about dressing up other features?  The gorgeous shoulder piece (left) would be a stunning statement piece, working your flowers right into your gown, or floral jewelry (center) is sure to never go out of style.  Don't keep all the fun to yourself, either - adorable flower girls love sporting these crowns!

Fairy Lights 

I mean, it's right in the name!  Fairy lights are called just that because of the warm, twinkling glow they add to any event.  Wrapped tightly around branches or loosely displayed in lanterns, it's as if Tinkerbell herself came and sprinkled her pixie dust throughout the scene.  These are such an easy add on - they always look good, and are great substitutes for venues that don't allow the open flames from candles.

Floral Trees 

We love our handmade centerpiece "trees."  We use bark, willow and moss to form a base before adding branches of flowers for a wild display.  These make guests feel as if they're part of their own fairy garden scene and are probably our favorite centerpiece option because of how fully they are drawn from what we see in nature every day.

Feeling our Fairy Inspiration? Be sure to join our next Fairy Garden Workshop at A Milkhouse Party on Wednesday, June 28th at 3pm!

When It Comes to Flowers, Bigger is Better

We live in a world where the growing trend is "less is more."  Minimalist style.  Tiny Houses. Less screen time.  Less sugar (ughhhh).  We've tried the smaller portion diets, cleaning out junk from our houses, and going back to the simple basics when it comes to entertainment with our families.

But darn it, when it comes to flowers, BIGGER IS BETTER!

No matter what your theme, venue location, or season - big, lush bouquets will always win our hearts.  Don't believe us?  Check out some of the gorgeous bunches of floral goodness below and just try to convince us to downsize.  We won't hold our breath. 



We've divided up some of our favorite loud and proud bouquets by season, so you can see how awesome they look all year round!  Spring is usually full of whites, peach, blush and light greens.  Having larger blooms as focal points keeps bouquets looking structured - think huge peonies, roses or anemones.





The summer wedding season is SO much fun for us because of all the different routes you can go.  Spring is typically geared towards garden arrangements, but in the summer anything is game.  The beach, the garden, the forest - you name it, we will design for it!

While many large bouquets cascade towards the ground, we love the wider look as well! Usually ferns, amaranthus or other types of vines help create a balanced look.  Ribbons are also a great way to add dimension, and can be used for any season or color scheme.


There isn't too much to we can say about fall bouquets because the pictures truly speak for themselves.  When the flowers match the season and what's happening in nature, it doesn't matter how many times we return to the same venue - it is always a different look.  With the constant change in colors during the fall season, we love mimicking what we see outside each week.


I mean honestly, what better time of year to go nuts with your florals than winter, when everything else is dead?  This is when they truly pop!  Layers of trailing vines and greenery were spruced up with touches of rose gold to literally make this bouquet shine. 

With such great options, it's too hard for us to pick a favorite time of year for design! However, it's not hard for us to say that we love these huge overgrown bouquets.  It's like when you see the fat rolls babies - it's proof that they are healthy and well-loved.  So while we admit that sometimes the "less is more" approach is an improvement on many aspects of life, we will argue until we're blue in the face that our beautiful bouquets are not one of them! 

South Jersey Wedding Florist : Chrissie & Andy at Duffield's Farm

Typically when we have a DIY bride, it involves our client and her closest girlfriends joining us at A Milkhouse Party to piece together the floral arrangements for her wedding day.  In Chrissie's case, the term "DIY" was taken to heart and most of the details you'll find were the collaborative efforts of her family, working in love to provide the couple with handmade tokens that will last a lifetime.  

Chrissie and Andy's wedding took place her family's farm, Duffield's, and photographed by Demi Brooke Photography.  Farm-raised, how fitting for them to have an "Earth Day" themed wedding.


Chrissie's bouquet was light and sweet, made of sweet pea, ranunculus, lisianhtus, roses, dusty miller, tulips and stock. 

As agricultural enthusiasts, we love this unique portrait!  What a great use of space and personality by Demi Brooke Photography.

Andy's bout was a combination of textural greens- a natural selection for an Earth Day theme - and complemented his grey jacket perfectly.

This PRECIOUS flowergirl carried a basket of rose petals for her role.  She seemed to approve the bridesmaids bouquets of orange ranunculus, roses and stock - we'll take it!

In honor of Earth Day, the couple opted to use potted plants instead of cut flowers for their ceremony space.  We won't spoil the details- be sure to read Chrissie's "Bride Diaries" to get the full background on these pieces!

They may be simplistic in nature, but Chrissie's DIY centerpieces had a ton of character.  We love that she went the route of naming tables by flowers instead of by numbers.  Since we knew Chrissie was arranging the centerpieces herself, we made sure to provide the most vibrant selection of flowers for her to work with.

We guarantee this peony and eucalyptus combination had the sweetest fragrance!

It's the smallest touches that make the difference between "simple and clean" vs. "boring."  Napkin treatments and copper utensils are all part of what made Chrissie and Andy's tablescapes memorable.

Congratulations, Chrissie and Andy!  What a beautiful day!


Chrissie's Bride Diaries

What was your most dreamlike moment?

The doors opening for the ceremony and walking down the aisle.

 Did you include any sentimental items in your decor or details?  

A Garden Party included my grandfather’s hankerchief and a pin with a picture of my grandpop and I. He passed right after we got engaged, so it meant a lot to me to include him in our details.


For my wedding decor, my theme was Earth Day with copper, light pastel colors, white, and greenery.  It was on my family’s farm behind the tiny cabin that my dad built, which is also where we got engaged and moved into after the wedding.

In order for the guests to find their tables, they had to find a photo of themselves and their table herb or flower name was on the back. With the earth day wedding, the centerpieces were either an herb in white terra cotta pots or flowers in copper spray-painted bottles that I painted.  

My bridal party was driven down to the ceremony by my dad in his tractor, which was pulling the bridal party in the hay wagon. My dad made a wood wall with 2 old windows and 2 old doors as the entrance. He also built the wood frame behind where we got married, which was then behind the sweetheart table. My husband’s aunt made us a personalized sign from her welding shop in Arizona.

Our cake was on a wooden spool from the farm and made in our bakery at the farm market. We baked our own cookies for desserts. And had delicious ice cream sandwiches.  Our vegetables were grown on the farm and used in the main menu. We froze strawberries to add to each champagne glass.

Because it rained, we had to move the ceremony inside. But it was beautiful and I am so happy the way it turned out!


What was your favorite decor detail from your wedding day?

My DIY centerpieces with the herbs or flowers. It was perfect!

We always try to bring your floral dreams to life...did we succeed? In what ways? Is there any room for improvement?

A Garden Party did an amazing job adding succulents, light pastels, greenery, and providing the single flowers for the copper-painted bottles. It was picture perfect!

Who were your vendors?

Catering- JPM Catering out of Ardmore, PA

Bakery- Duffields Farm

Dress- Bridals by Cyndi in Sewell, NJ

Hair-Liz Jeffery

Makeup- Jill Henshall from Lillian James Salon in Sewell, NJ

Entertainment-Steve Kempton from DiNardo Brothers

Any other vendors you would like to credit?

Wedding Planner - Renee Patrone

Tent and rentals- South Jersey Party Rentals

Ice cream sandwiches- Weckerlys in Fishtown, Pa