Snowed In and Loving It!

So this post is a peak into our personal lives....February has been a slow month for weddings and we are enjoying it for a change! We are using this time to meet with lots and lots of new brides, gather fresh inspiration for our future weddings, get organized for the busy season ahead and, of course, enjoy our families. Dawn has two little angels, Grace and Leah, and these two beauties have Aunt Mary totally wrapped! We just celebrated Leah's 2nd birthday party on Monday, here are a few shots from her Elmo party! (We couldn't sell her on the roses and bling. Dawn made Elmo look fab though!)

Blow out your candles Leah!

The birthday girl in her new tent tunnel!


We also have been enjoying the snow, have you? Yes, it is annoying that I have had to reschedule almost every major event this winter (Sarah, you are one lucky girl!!) and yes, I am totally ready for spring (some of my bulbs are coming up already!!! And now they are covered with snow, yikes). However, I am lucky enough that I can work from home! Here are a few shots of Lee playing in the snow last Sunday <3

7 months old already...slow down father time!

If only I had captured the screech of excitement that came with this face!


Lee in his little den of snow, just as happy as can be.

Dawn and I hope you are enjoying your snow day! I know we are!

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