Part 2 - My wedding toast on "How to survive being a farmer's wife"

I want to take a picture like this is 50 years...we will be 75 and still side by side! This is a more personal entry for Sarah's wedding (see full post below for all the flower details), I have had many requests to share my wedding toast and words of wisdom regarding marriage. Sure, why not?!?! I had brainstormed about this toast for many many months and felt a lot of pressure (I had never done a toast before!!), I tend to be a worrier, in case you don't know me haha. However, I think I pulled it together nicely in the end (meaning, I didn't blubber up a storm and flood the building with my tears of joy) and even had a pleasant mix of laughter and a tear or two! My dad is such a softy when it comes to Sarah!  Below is the main portion of my speech, I would love to hear if you agree with me or if you have more tips to add...feel free to comment!

"I would like to share some thoughts I put together about surviving marriage to a farmer. With a few wedded years under my belt, I have learned many lessons from my loving husband, John. There are many ladies in this room tonight that I am sure will agree with some of my survival tips for Sarah. So here we go...

  1. Never compete with the weatherman for attention. You will always lose.
  2. While the rest of the world hopes for a sunny weekend, realize that a rainy weekend could finally let you see Joe during daylight.
  3. Surrender any thoughts of a summer vacation with Joe now. Use it as leverage to get an even better winter vacation for the both of you.
  4. Embrace the dirt. He will trek it in the house after you just cleaned and his work jeans will have to be hosed off from time to time, but at least your dry cleaning bill will be small!
  5. Be wise to “Farmer Time”. If Joe says “I will be home in 20 minutes, I just have to finish up”, realize that he MIGHT be home in 45 minutes. It is inevitable that something else will always pop up.  Never put the pasta in the boiling water till you see the truck in the driveway.
  6. Always be sure to greet each other with a kiss hello, even if he smells like motor oil, it is worth it.
  7. Never underestimate the power of an amazing home cooked meal. In your case, Sarah, forget the cakes and cookies, just stock up on lots of chicken. I have seen with my own eyes the amount of Jamaican Jerk Chicken that Joe can consume, it is pretty impressive! I seriously thought Jamaica was going to run out!
  8. Accept some gender roles. Sarah, you are now in charge of trying to feed this machine. Joe, you are now the designated bug squasher, Sarah is deathly afraid, in case you didn’t know. However, be sure to remember that no man ever died from putting in a load of laundry and no woman is incapable of taking out the trash. Always help each other out and save the nagging for the real issues in life, like what to watch on TV together.
  9. Be flexible. Know that life will sometimes throw you for a whorl; all in good reason. Sarah, you may think that Joe will always be the rough and tough guy, the solid ground that you stand on. Joe, to you, Sarah is the tender one, always with a soft spot. But life will happen and roles will reverse, and before you know it, Sarah is the rock and you are the one needing a helping hand. Always be each other’s helping hand.

 Well, I guess those are most of the lessons that I have learned so far in my young marriage…if you need more, just ask you parents, they have been great role models for you both.

 Let us raise our glasses to Sarah and Joe….Joe, thank you for promising my best friend a lifetime of smiles and love, she deserves it. Sarah, I am sad that you won’t be just one dusty lane away from me anymore, but overwhelmingly happy that you have found his man to love for the rest of your life. May your love grow stronger with every season. Congratulations!"

Tears of joy I hope! Love you guys!

Well, what do y'all think? Do you have more tips to add?

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