Making some friends along the way in the South Jersey Wedding Biz

Well good morning everyone - Little Lee had me up at 4 am and now I can't go back to sleep, so here I am! Rice Krispees and all. I often find myself just laaaaaaaaaaaaying in bed thinking about all the things I need to get done and it kinda ruins my sleep mode, ya know what I mean. I think a lot of women suffer from this, mostly because we are in charge of keeping the world turning, but that is a whole 'nother post haha. The real reason for this post is to shout out to my new friend and talented local photog, Denise Mabilog. During many of my bridal consultations, I kept hearing that Mabilog name pop up, so I decided to check her out and BAM there she is right down the street! I emailed to introduce myself and she invited me to her studio for a casual meeting...sure I was down for that! Denise also asked me to provide a bouquet for her "trash the dress" photo shoot the next day and I was happy to do so. Sometimes I see these bridal photo sessions with NO flowers and I just feel like something is missing, the bouquets finish the look! I kinda like the idea of the "trash the dress" shoot, I wish I had done it! You get to wear your gown again before you pack it up forever and take some more natural shots and you don't have to be so worried about getting it ruined. Genius, Denise, genius. So while we were at her cute little studio in downtown Mullica Hill, she offered up a little impromptu photo shoot with little ole me and my bouquet! There are more photos on her blog, but here are a few she sent to me.

I currently do not look this wide awake haha


Being a busy wedding florist is serious business :)


How does she make this look so good? Denise, you rule!

Latin Lady red roses are my new red rose standard - the two tone look is so eye catching! I wanted to keep the bouquet natural, so I added some texture with feathers and willow. I think the bouquet is on the back of the bride's cool is that!?!


The bride, wearing a vintage 1964 wedding gown, it was her mom's! What a great way to give it a new life!


Thank you Denise for the photos and the new friendship! It feels good to be making many new friends in the wedding industry, to check out some more of my vendor friends, see my Vendors page. I guess that is all for now, the sun is up and my house is still quiet. John has another busy day ahead on the farm and Lee and I are going to spend the morning with Mommom, I hope I can keep my energy going until I get to the Philadelphia Flower Show tonight! I love that I can use the "research" excuse...

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