NJ Wedding Flowers: We love our brides - and they love A Garden Party!

First things first, congrats to last weekend's brides - Jaclyn, Shannon, and Roanna.  There will be some fabulous blogs coming up shortly about these girls, we were in love with ALL of their flowers! Now on to one of the many reasons we love this job SOOOO much. About a year ago Mary and I started sending out 10 question online surveys after each wedding.  We were looking for feedback on how our brides would rate their experience with us.  It is so important to us that we are giving our brides what they are looking for.  Last week in the middle of wedding madness (July is definately a top wedding month for us!) we got this survey response back and it really reminded both Mary and I why we love this job so much; we really love hearing how happy and how much of an impact our flowers can have on a bride's wedding.  My hope is that our brides always love what we do, just as much as we love what we do.  This job is a dream come true for Mary and I and we thank all of our brides (and the moms, bridesmaids, etc.) for giving us a chance!  Now on to the survey!

How did we do? Fill out these 10 questions to let us know!

Question Answer
1. How would you rate the quality of our first consultation? Above and Beyond!
  Our first consultattion was so pleasant.
2. How would you rate the ideas and creativity offered to you during the consultation? Above and Beyond!
  My daughter left the consultation knowing that she was going to get exactly what she wanted.
3. How would you rate our speed of communication with you? Above and Beyond!
  Every e-mail was answered within hours of being sent.
4. How would you rate our ability to interpret your ideas and vision? Above and Beyond!
  Sarah barely even needed to say what she wanted and Mary knew exactly what she wanted.
5. How would you rate the overall quality of your wedding flowers? How closely did we meet your vision? Above and Beyond!
  The flowers were top quality.
 6. How would you rate the quality of your ceremony flowers? Above and Beyond!
  The flowers that were prepared for the ceremony were beautiful.
7. How would you rate the quality of your reception flowers? Above and Beyond!
  Words really can't describe the flowers for the reception. Only the pictures can do that! I'm still hearing about those flowers!
8. How would you rate the competitiveness of our pricing? Above and Beyond!
  I have to be honest, we didn't even price around after meeting with Mary. There was really no need to.
9. How would you rate the fairness of our contract? Above and Beyond!
  Everything listed in the contract was delivered exactly as described and then some.
10. Would you recommend our services to a friend? Yes
  Hopefully, you'll be busy based on the number of people I've already told to contact you.

Well doesn't that just give us the motivation to keep us going!! Thanks for the good word!

If you are interested in our floral design services in South Jersey, the greater Philadelphia area or Northern Delaware please contact Mary by filling out the form below:

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