We Need Your Opinion!

We are back to work this week! Thanks for bearing with us as we dealt with the passing of our dearest Poppop. He was a huge fan of A Garden Party and loved to see what we created for our lovely brides...we will all miss him. Back to business...we love to hear feedback from our brides and have had a little dilemma recently, so we are asking for your advice. A lot of what we do features rental items, vases, crystals, lanterns, etc.  We like to suggest rental items for potential brides because it is such a money saver.  You can get a lot more bang for your buck if we design an arrangement in a container that is returned back to us for future use.  Unfortunately we have had some problems over the last few months...not with our brides (we love you all!) but with reception halls.  We have had quite a few vases broken / missing when we go back to pick up the rental items.  This leaves us in quite an awkward situation because of course we don't want to bill the bride, yet the reception halls aren't really willing to take responsibility for the situation.  We have recently started adding a security deposit to any weddings that have rental items....what is your opinion on this?  The deposit is 100% refundable, as long as all rental items are returned to us in good condition.  So say the security deposit is $100 and everything is picked up in perfect condition except for one broken vase valued at $20. A Garden Party will refund the bride $80. Of course we hate taking more of your hard earned money (we know what it is like to work for a buck!) but we are hoping that our brides will stress the value of the rental items onto the on-site coordinators. Recently, we have also started to leave a detailed list of items that we expect to pick up with the on-site coordinator, which has been a great help. We always want to be fair to our brides (and keep our prices down as much as possible!) so we want your opinion.....would you be willing to agree to a security deposit?  Help us find a solution!  And of course there is no way we can do a blog without adding some photos, so here are some ideas using some of our popular rental items.

These lanterns have been a huge hit lately.  We have used them in centerpieces, lined them down aisles, and hung them from arbors.

This centerpiece was done in our Diana Pedestal Vase.  We have coordinating Diana Candleholders that match this vase - see the next picture.

This is our Bell Vase - here it is used with a centerpiece that is done a seperate dish, so it can be removed and taken home by guests.  This vase can also be flipped over and used the opposite way.  Very versatile!

This chandelier is fairly new - imagine this hanging over you as you stand outside saying your vows!

Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts on the security deposit. Thank you in advance!

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