A Garden Party Florist Presents...Our Gift Card!

Anyone who has any experience planning a wedding, or special event, knows that flowers can be expensive. By the time you order centerpieces and bouquets and toss petals and any other flowers your heart desires (after all, it is your special day), you have probably spent a good chunk of your budget. Recently we have had a few requests from family members and friends of the couple, about possibly paying for certain aspects of a couple's dream wedding, specifically their flowers.

It is becoming common for couples to request unusual shower gifts, such as money towards the honeymoon or a donation to charity. Enter A Garden Party Florist’s idea —A Garden Party Florist Gift Cards. You can purchase a gift card for any amount and give it to the bride as a gift. Best of all, Dawn and Mary can attach it to a flower and make sure it is as adorable as all of their other work. (Translation: No boring gift card in a plan white envelope.)

The gift card can be used towards any Garden Party Florist purchase, including those expensive orchids you fell in love with even though they were a little more expensive than your original plan.  All you bridesmaids out there that aren't sure what to give the bride at her bridal shower...how about a gift card towards her wedding flowers!

These gift cards are also a great idea for anyone who needs or wants flowers.  After all, brides aren't the only people who love flowers!

If you’re a bride, feel free to pass this exciting news on to anyone who might need a good gift idea. (Not everyone wants to buy you towels and spatulas.) If you know a bride who would love this idea, contact Dawn or Mary at 609-364-2529 or mary@gardenpartysisters.com to purchase a gift card.