How to Wear Flowers in Your Hair

Flowers are a beautiful way to glam up your hairstyle on your wedding day. (It is also perfect for bridesmaids and flower girls.) The tradition of decorating your hair with flowers dates back to the 1800s. In the 60s, girls wore flowers in their hair to portray their connection to nature and symbolize love, innocence, and divine beauty. (Mary always says that she would definitely wear fresh flowers in her hair if she could do her wedding over again! There are only a few occasions that it fits!) According to, certain flowers symbolize different emotions and characteristics. The site suggests that the flowers below have the following meanings.

Daisy - innocence and purity Gardenia - secret love Camellia - gratitude Ginger - strength Tuberose - forbidden pleasures Hibiscus - delicate beauty, sensitivity Red rose - passion, love Pink rose - friendship, admiration, happiness Apricot rose - desire, admiration, modesty White rose - purity, secrecy, spiritual love Jasmine - Sensuality Yellow carnation - disappointment, rejection Spider Flower - “run away with me” Violet - modesty, faithfulness


You can add flowers to a variety of hairstyles, including hair that is down, up or half down. Flowers can also used to create a headband, which is adorable on flower girls. Check out these picture of A Garden Party brides (and flower girls) who wore flowers in their hair.

Lindsey and Rich's Wedding 



Rachael and Connery's Wedding 

Shannon and David's Wedding 


Julie and Glenn's Wedding

So we want to know, what do you plan to wear in your hair?