Top 10 Mistakes Brides Make...

So we've been in the wedding business almost 6 years now and it is safe to say we have learned a few things along the way (and continue to learn every day!). Dawn and I would love to share some of our insights with you, let us know if you agree or have anything to add! ***One more plug before you continue....Administrative Professionals week is next week (April 22-28th), don't forget to thank your staff with a beautiful flower arrangement or thoughtful dish garden! We have lots of options!***Ok, now continue on your way...


10. Being too matchy matchy.

While we love a cohesive look and want the colors to blend perfectly, it is kinda impossible to find tiffany blue flowers. We suggest going with complimentary hues for contrast (think jade green and yellow like Kim did below) or shades of purple (instead of all eggplant flowers).

Photo credit: Jac and Jules Photography

Also involved with this...letting the season dictate your colors. Just because you are having a fall wedding doesn't mean you have to do orange. Look at this lovely November wedding with pale pink accents, so pretty! Photo credit: Marc Anthony Photography

9. Not trusting your professionals.

Most of our brides come in needing some guidance on what flowers to select, proclaiming they know nothing about flowers. We are happy to offer up some great ideas! However, some brides come in with exact recipes for us to follow. I always think it is best to ask the professional what they would recommend to achieve the best end product, I always do this to my contractor, hair dresser, etc and I have total faith in them! Allow the professional to do their thing, sit back, relax and be pleasantly surprised!

We love when brides say "I trust you, make me whatever you want!". That's what this bride did and she loved it! Photo credit: Caitlin Scott Photography

8. Thinking you can do it all.

One of my personal goals this year is to delegate more. It is too stressful to do it all, right brides? Ask your mother or mother in law for help with certain tasks, they would love to pitch in! Some of my brides ask me to just send everything to their mom and communicate with her. I think it limits the bride's back and forth to her mom about the order and since mom is usually cutting the check, everyone thinks it is easier.

7. Keeping the budget a secret.

Ahhhh, the budgeting issues my brides face. I always appreciate when a bride lets me know the budget in mind ahead of time, it helps me guide her toward the best option. No use talking about an all orchid centerpiece if it isn't in the budget.

6. Making your own centerpieces, there is a right way and a wrong way.

Oh boy, I could really go on about this. We get a lot of phone calls a month before a wedding from a frantic bride now hating her DIY centerpieces. She brings her bags and boxes full of stuff she has purchased from 8 different Michaels stores and pleads for help. The thing is, I often wonder if it was even going to save money since she had to go out and buy all the materials. We have so many rental options, let us carry the cost of purchasing the glassware. Besides, what are you going to do with 30 lanterns after the wedding anyway? If you do decide to do DIY, make sure you think about who is going to set up the centerpieces on the wedding day. We are happy to help out, but will have to charge a labor fee. It really isn't the responsibility of the reception venue either.

This was one of the cases of "I had an idea but wasn't sure what to do exactly" so she brought us the grasses and feathers and we did the rest!

5. Waiting too long to book vendors.

I read all the time on blogs and in wedding magazines that you should book your florist 6-9 months before the wedding. For popular months (May-October), we have had many Saturdays completely booked 9 months out. So if you wait to meet with us until 9 months before and then take another month to send in the contract, you might miss out! We book a limited number of events/day, usually a max of 3 (one per sister).

4. Not using seasonal flowers.

Now, this is our job to really guide you toward what looks best and is a good price at certain times of the year. Yes, we can get peonies November, but they are expensive, about 4 times the price of a rose. Same with dahlias, when we push the season (too early or too late) they start to look rough. Lily of the valley exists for about 3 weeks of the year (starting now!).

3. Hiring a cheap photographer.

This has nothing to do with flowers, sorry about that. But we see a lot of wedding photos from our former clients and you can really tell the difference between the inexperienced photographer with a crazy flash (think staged photos inside with awful lighting) and a true professional (see our vendors list for our favs!). Make sure you hire 2 photographers to capture all the details you worked so hard on to pick out, from the pre-wedding brunch to the farewells. It is a shame to see $4000 worth of centerpieces not make it in one photo and we have seen it too many times.

2. Thinking your fiance needs to decide on every detail.

Don't get us wrong, we love meeting the bride AND the groom so we can do our best to meld both personalities into our designs (and for some reason, the guys love our shop!!). And there are some men who have more of a preference than you would think about the flowers! And then there are the men who just come along to please their bride, which leads to frustration on the bride's part when he doesn't chime in during the meeting. The best advice we can give: know your man. If you think he cares about the flowers, please bring him along! If not, enjoy the night with your moms/bridesmaids in tow. You'll thank me later!

The lovely couple was a great team! He really chimed in and helped her feel great about her choices, so sweet. Photo credit: Tina Jay Photography

and the #1 mistake.....

1. Sweating the small stuff.

You hear this all the time, "don't sweat the small stuff on the big day" and it is totally true! Surround yourself with positive and capable vendors and you won't have a thing to worry about! True, every little thing may not turn out as planned (gasp, the pumpkin dahlias are not the exact shade of pumpkin) but what really matters that day is the commitment and love you are proclaiming to all of your friends and family. Nothing can compare to that feeling. Still get chills thinking about that experience on my own wedding day almost 5 years ago (4 years and 11 months ago to be exact). I recall being so anxious about my hair/makeup/dress/jewelry/weather/schedule/everylittlesillydetail until the wedding day came...and on that day I was so happy and excited that I got all dressed and never in looked in the mirror before going to the church! I remember turning to Dawn and asking her if I looked ok 5 minutes before walking down the aisle haha! All of those details were the last thing on my mind as I was about to start my new life with the love of my life. I hope all my brides feel the same way.


Did we miss anything?? What do you think?

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