Introducing Bride Diaries: Emily's take on her "big day"

Hello, my name is Jessie Walker, floral design intern, and I am here to introduce you to A Garden Party's newest blog series: Bride Diaries! We want to give you a look at real weddings from the bride's point of view. We sent our bride Emily the following questions and she was gracious enough to send us her responses! We hope you enjoy this new series, more posts coming soon!

1. What was your all-time favorite moment of your special day?

I think my favorite moment was our first dance.  It was a chance for us to be alone and together for a few moments and to take it all in.

2. We know things don't always go as planned...Were there any entertaining wedding bloopers?

I don’t remember any bloopers.  Believe it or not, everything went as planned!  Everything was perfect and the day ran smoothly.  The only thing that was of concern we the weather.  Early in the week the forecast was for a beautiful, sunny day.  However, two days before the big day, the forecast changed to “periods of rain and cloudy.”  So, that became a big worry!  But, the weather held out. It was a little overcast, and we only saw a few drops of rain.  Our biggest blooper was the honeymoon, but that’s another story!!!

3. Any wedding toasts that made you laugh, cry, or gasp?

I don’t really think we cried or gasped.  We may have chuckled a bit at stories mentioned from our pasts.  The toasts were genuine and touching.  Our groomsmen and bridesmaids did a great job.

4. It's okay to admit it - did you have any Bridezilla moments?

Not, really!  I’d say the only moment was when putting the programs together.  The programs were a little complicated, and the wedding date was getting close, so things were a little stressful!  I may have gotten a little nasty with my sister, while working on them!

5. Did you have a wedding planner? If so, did it make your day run smoother? Was it worth it?

We did not have a wedding planner.  We planned everything on our own, along with lots of help from our families and input from our vendors.  However, we did have a friend, Darin Pfeifer, who helped to coordinate the whole day, making sure everything was ready and set up how it should be on the actual wedding day at the reception site.  Darin did a fabulous job, and sure enough everything was perfect when we arrived at Pratt Gardens!

6. Cake or cupcakes? What was the flavor?

We had a three-tiered cake.  It was marble flavored on the first layer, chocolate chip in the middle, and lemon on the top.  The butter cream frosting was ivory and it had yellow flower details made of frosting.  My brother-in-law, Richard Kopp, handcrafted our cake topper – two little wooden lovebird with a heart in between.  They were adorable!

7. We always try to bring your floral dreams to life...did we succeed? In what ways? Is there any room for improvement?

When we arrived at both Corpus Christi Church and Pratt Gardens, I was blown away by how beautiful and perfect everything looked!  It was spectacular!  Dawn and Mary really brought my vision to life.  Everything was just as how I had imagined it to be.  I loved the bouquets and arrangements on the pews and doors of the Church.  The tree with my hanging bird ornament favors was adorable.  My favorite was the table décor – loved the burlap runners, ribbon on the napkins, and of course, the array of bottles and vases (we provided our own) filled with a variety of yellow flowers!  I received numerous compliments on the beauty of it all.

8. What song really got the party started?

I don’t remember a particular song that got the party started.  I think as soon as the DJ started playing and dinner was over that the guests started dancing!

9. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your:

Venue? 10, Pratt Gardens

Food? 10, Di Paolo’s Italian Restaurant

Flowers? 10!!! A Garden Party

Music? 10, DJ - Ed Bowman

Photographer? 10, Photography by Gary Johnson

10. I'm sure your day was amazing, but if you could change one thing about your wedding what would it be? Or would you not change anything at all?

I would not change a thing!  It really was the perfect day!