Wedding Sample Sale at Running Deer's Bridal Show!!!

We recently told many of our brides about our upcoming sample sale. To make sure you understand how the sale works, here are all the details and answers to the most frequently asked questions. We are participating in a bridal show at Running Deer Golf Course on October 6th, 2013 at 1 pm. The arrangements we display are samples we create for our brides. Since we are using the samples in the show, we offer our brides 40% off the invoice price for all samples. A win-win for  us both!

To view your samples at the shop, you must make an appointment. We are booking 1.5 hour appointments, so we have plenty of time to review all of the details on the order. The extra meeting fee of $40 is waived.

So what is a sample?

A sample is an arrangement we create so you can see what the flowers will look like on the day of your wedding. The most common samples we create are bridal bouquets and centerpieces. We try to use the exact flowers, vases, and ribbon for the sample as we will use on the day of your wedding. This allows you to get a sneak peek at your wedding flowers.

Why would you order a sample?

Many brides find it useful to order a sample because it helps them visualize their wedding day. For instance, if you order a sample centerpiece, you will get to see how your centerpieces will look on the day of your wedding. This is very beneficial to brides who have a hard time visualizing or who are unsure about their flower choices. By viewing a sample before your wedding, you can decide if you want to make any changes to your order and iron out last minute details before the big day.

What is the 40% discount?

Normally, samples are the same price as the day-of items listed on your invoice. For instance, if your bridal bouquet is $150 and you want to see a sample, the sample would be $150. However, during this sample sale, we offer 40% off on all samples. Therefore, the bouquet sample valued at $150 would be $90. This discount only applies to the samples. It does not apply to your day-of order.

In the past, brides have really enjoyed participating in the sample sale. They love getting a sneak peek at their wedding flowers! If you are interested in taking advantage of our sample sale, contact Dawn at or (609)-774-4455.

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