Cape May Wedding Florist: Natasha & Steve at The Southern Mansion

 I stumbled across this wedding on my big hunt for wedding pictures to include in our 2013 album and instantly smiled.  Natasha was such a sweet bride.  She showed up lugging boxes of china and immediately I knew we were meant to be working together.  Check it out!

 Thank you Shea Roggio Photography for sharing these beautiful photos with us!

Cape May Wedding Florist - A Garden Party

Natasha's bouquet featured peonies, poppies, ranunculus, and ferns.  Natasha and Steve's wedding took place on May 31st, prime peony season.Cape May Wedding Florist - A Garden Party

Steve wore a bout consisting of a white ranunculus, waxflower, and a fern accent.

Cape May Wedding Florist - A Garden Party

The Southern Mansion is always gorgeous.  We lined the aisles with these pretty vintage garden stakes filled with springy blooms.

Cape May Wedding Florist - A Garden Party

Cape May Wedding Florist - A Garden Party

We incorporated our gold mercury glass with Natasha's china.  So sweet!

Cape May Wedding Florist - A Garden Party

Cape May Wedding Florist - A Garden Party

Cape May Wedding Florist - A Garden Party

Cape May Wedding Florist - A Garden Party

Cape May Wedding Florist - A Garden Party

Cape May Wedding Florist - A Garden Party

Bride Diaries

1. What was your all time favorite moment of your special day?

I think my favorite was our first dance. Steve is so shy and was so scared of our first dance from the day we got engaged. A few months before the wedding I told him we should take lessons and have our dance choreographed. He was very wary after seeing one too many bad choreographed first dances on YouTube, but he went along with it. And you know what? He actually loved it and worked very hard to learn the dance. We had so much fun learning to dance together and it was totally worth it! When we finally "performed" on our wedding day, our guests went CRAZY because it was so unexpected to see us formally dancing together. It was the special moment of the day where we could just focus on each other. And we totally nailed it!

2. We know things don't always go as planned...Were there any entertaining wedding bloopers?

Surprisingly, no! I work as a project manager, so I pre-planned everything down to a T.

3. Any wedding toasts that made you laugh, cry, or gasp?

All four of our wedding toasts were more like roasts since we had been dating for 10 years (since we were 15!) and our families have become one big group that knows each other pretty well. They ruthlessly made fun of Steve for the most part - we were crying from laughing so hard by the time they were finished with us!

4. It's okay to admit it - did you have any Bridezilla moments?

Yes! But only with the candy buffet! I set it up the morning of the wedding and I was obsessed with it being just right in the placement of the jars, color distribution, the stacks of cartons - everything. I made Steve's Aunt help me stack the fudge on the plates so it looked "pretty" and my husband thought I was nuts for needing it to be a certain way and only trusting her to do it right. Ironically, one of the jars got turned a bit before the reception, so in all of our pictures the one label is facing the wrong direction and everything else is perfect. Oh well, I tried!

5. Did you have a wedding planner? If so, did it make your day run smoother? Was it worth it?

I didn't because I wanted to do everything myself (it was so fun!), but the site coordinator at the Southern Mansion was AMAZING and did everything a hired planner would have done for me the wedding day!

6. Cake or cupcakes? What was the flavor?

Cake! Half was key lime pie cake (Steve's favorite!) and the other half was vanilla with strawberry and apricot filling.

7. We always try to bring your floral dreams to life...did we succeed? In what ways? Is there any room for improvement?

Of course! I brought Dawn (my husband's grandmother's) china, plus some of her mason jars, and you ladies incorporated all of it into my vintage/Victorian theme perfectly! Everyone raved about the arrangements! So simple, yet beautiful. I have no complaints at all!

8. What song really got the party started?

The Cupid Shuffle. Gets 'em every time.

9. Who were your vendors?

Catering: The Southern Mansion

Bakery: The Cake Studio of Ocean City

Dress:  Jay West Bridal (dress by Sincerity)

Hair and Makeup: Karen Capcino

Entertainment: Plan It Perfect Entertainment

Officiant: Reverend Rich LaLena

Invitations: Bella Figura

Calligraphy: Renee Leopardi

10. I'm sure your day was amazing, but if you could change one thing about your wedding what would it be? Or would you not change anything at all?

I wouldn't change a thing other than having more TIME. We only had 60 guests, but although the day itself was paced very well and I didn't feel like I missed anything, I would have liked time for more pro pictures with family and friends. And of course, the reception was WAY too short, but I think that's a complaint every bride has! :)