Avalon Wedding Florist: Jenn & Rick at The Windrift featuring Bride Diaries

This hot weather is making me want to take a trip to the beach!  Or even better, relive a beach wedding!  A big big thanks to Jamie Bodo Photography for sharing these beautiful photos of Jenn and Rick's wedding from one of our favorite beach venues, The Windrift in Avalon.  The bride's selection of roses, peonies, anemone, sweet pea, wax flower and ranunculus were classic and clean, with soft romantic hues that blended perfectly with the natural landscape.  South Jersey Wedding Florist - A Garden Party - WindriftSouth Jersey Wedding Florist - A Garden Party - Windrift South Jersey Wedding Florist - A Garden Party - Windrift

 Classic doesn't have to be boring!  This bridal bouquet has a ton of variety and different colors without being flashy or over the top.

South Jersey Wedding Florist - A Garden Party - Windrift

Look at how perfectly the groom's bout complemented her bouquet!  A match made in heaven.

South Jersey Wedding Florist - A Garden Party - Windrift

South Jersey Wedding Florist - A Garden Party - Windrift


We kept the ceremony relatively simple, with vases of cherry blossoms as a backdrop.

  South Jersey Wedding Florist - A Garden Party - Windrift

. South Jersey Wedding Florist - A Garden Party - WindriftThe Windrift has a very modern architectural feel, so to play up the romance in the flowers proved to be a great balance.  The hanging globes are an amazing detail in this great space.   South Jersey Wedding Florist - A Garden Party - Windrift

What a unique centerpiece idea!  We always love to bring the outside in with local flowers, but these other natural elements give our signature style a creative twist.

South Jersey Wedding Florist - A Garden Party - Windrift South Jersey Wedding Florist - A Garden Party - WindriftA beach wedding reception=bring on the driftwood accents!! South Jersey Wedding Florist - A Garden Party - WindriftThe reception area looks like a completely different space at night.  What seems so delicate during the day gets more of a pop later on and we love it!  
South Jersey Wedding Florist - A Garden Party - Windrift

South Jersey Wedding Florist - A Garden Party - Windrift

This driftwood piece has such great texture and form to serve as the head table's centerpiece, and the roses and shells complete the beachy look.

South Jersey Wedding Florist - A Garden Party - WindriftCongratulations, Jenn and Rick!  Wishing you lots of love and happiness!

Jenn's Bride Diaries

What was the most standout, "Wow!" moment of your wedding day?

 Marrying the best guy ever, of course! I get butterflies whenever I think about it!


 We know things don't always go as planned...Were there any entertaining wedding bloopers?

Well....in the weeks before our wedding day people kept warning us to pretty much "be prepared for something to go wrong, there's alwayssss some kind of hiccup in the day..." Well, I can honestly say that our day was absolutely perfect! I think we can attribute that to our many family members and wedding party who kept the day running smooth. I'm personally grateful for my maid of honor, my sister, who allowed me to boss her around and did pretty much whatever I told her to do :)

Well...I guess when I think real hard, there was ONE thing that almost resulted in a Bride-zilla moment...a few of my bridesmaids did not have the belt that went with their dress. It was attached to each dress in a little baggie and some did not realize there was a belt. So, they made the group decision that since 3 out of 10 didn't have it, no one would wear it. Even though I was disappointed because the belt really enhanced the dress and made it into a pretty little cocktail dress, every one of my bridesmaids still looked absolutely beautiful. Oh, and one more thing involving wedding party attire..a groomsman's tux pants weren't the right size. They were probably about 2 sizes too small in the waste and length, so he was pretty uncomfortable all night. He couldn't take off his jacket and...I'm not sure if he even ate dinner for fear of his pants busting.

Any wedding toasts that made you laugh til you cried? Cry your eyes out? Gasp in shock?

 My sister's Maid of Honor speech was unbelievably good, even though she mentioned my really small hands and feet. Our close family friend and officiant did the blessing before dinner. He spoke very nicely about Ricky and me, gave a beautiful prayer, and then proceeded to dance around the room while the band played "When the Saints Go Marching In."


Cake or cupcakes? What was the flavor and theme?

 We had a 4-tier cake, 2 tiers vanilla and 2 tiers chocolate gonache, buttercream icing. The cake was white with navy blue accents, and a square sugar decoration with our initial on it. We didn't get to eat any of it because we were busy tearin' up the dance floor, but we'll try it on our 1 year anniversary :)


We always try to bring your floral dreams to life...did we succeed? In what ways? Is there any room for improvement?

Our wedding ceremony and reception looked absolutely beautiful because of Mary and Dawn's talent, creativity, and hard work. It really was breathtaking. We already knew A Garden Party was the best, based on previous dealings with them, but they really went above and beyond to exceed our expectations. We let Mary know our colors and theme and kind of trusted her to run away with it! And, we're so glad we did! Our beach ceremony looked way prettier than any we've ever seen, with the abundant cherry blossoms. They made our ceremony pictures look great! And, we loved the reception room as soon as we walked in. It wasn't until the days following our wedding when we actually noticed in pictures EVERYTHING Mary and Dawn had created. OMG...the giant driftwood flower vase, the variety of pretty centerpieces, flowers accenting the cake, fish bowls (my fav!)...... oh and of course our bouquets and boutonnieres were stunning! I'm getting my bride bouquet dried and framed as a decoration for our house!

I could go on forever about how much we loved Mary and Dawn's work. They really created the most beautiful setting for our wedding. We are still getting compliments about their work!

 Who were your vendors?

Catering- The Windrift

Bakery- The Merion, Cinnaminson NJ

Dress- Allure Couture, from Claire's Fashions in Wilmington DE 

Hair and Makeup- Creations by Mia

Entertainment- The Band Masquerade

Photographer- Jamie Bodo


I hope your wedding was exactly as you imagined it would be, but are there any details that went above and beyond your expectations?  Anything you wish you would've done differently?

Very close family friends of ours lent us their 1957 Thunderbird for the wedding day! These friends are like family to us, and the car has been passed through generations of their family. It was very sentimental and cool!

South Jersey Wedding Florist - A Garden Party - Windrift