Kara & Mike at The Corinthian Yacht Club of Cape May featuring Bride Diaries

Our beach adventures continue on to The Corinthian Yacht Club of Cape May.  Sometimes it's tricky planning a beach wedding- you want to have some nautical essence, without getting too cliche.  Kara took on the challenge with a bright smile, and even brighter flowers, with the help of A Garden party Florist and wedding planner, Kristin Barse from BelMomento Weddings.

  Kella MacPhee Wedding Photojournalist totally captured Summer with a capital "S,' and this fun-loving, beach bride just gave us another reminder as to why we love our job.  Check out her bright yellow roses, solidago, feverfew, and craspedia to see how nautical is done right!

Cape May Wedding Florist - A Garden Party Cape May Wedding Florist - A Garden Party

See the rope used to tie the bouquet together?  We can't say it enough- it's all in the details, people!

Cape May Wedding Florist - A Garden Party Cape May Wedding Florist - A Garden Party

The waves blend right in with the flow of her gown!  Great shot!

Cape May Wedding Florist - A Garden Party

Check out how amazing all this stationary is?!  Baily with Just Be never fails to come up with the most creative ideas in the stationary world!Cape May Wedding Florist - A Garden Party

Using this oar as a guestbook is not only unique, but could later on serve as a great decoration.

Cape May Wedding Florist - A Garden Party

Our metal pails were overflowing with white hydrangea, peonies, and feverfew.  Kara did a great job tying in her table numbers as a significant part of her centerpieces. We love when brides take advantage of the creative opportunities table numbers can bring, and this was no exception.

Cape May Wedding Florist - A Garden Party

Cape May Wedding Florist - A Garden Party

Cape May Wedding Florist - A Garden Party

When life gives you lemons, put them in a vase!!  The lemon slices are a perfect representation of freshness and yellow, but different than the flowers used in the rest of the decor.

Cape May Wedding Florist - A Garden Party

Congratulations, Kara and Mike!!

Bride Diaries

1. What was your all time favorite moment of your special day?

My favorite moment of my wedding day was the ‘first look’. Seeing Michael waiting for me on the beach erased all my doubts and fears. I think every bride suffers some anxiety on their big day and I was absolutely no exception! Mike was so sweet when I tapped him on the shoulder to turn around. His smile was huge and I have never seen him so happy. It meant everything.

2. We know things don't always go as planned...Were there any entertaining wedding bloopers?

I honestly think everything went pretty smoothly at my wedding! The only hiccup was when Mike and I were walking back down the aisle and he thought we went straight inside the venue but we actually went back upstairs to the 2nd floor to have a few moments to ourselves. I had to tug on him as gently as possible to get him to turn and follow me…

3. Any wedding toasts that made you laugh, cry, or gasp?

Wedding toasts? The ones that were given by Mike’s ‘Best Men’ were a ROAST! They were so incredibly funny. Mike had his best friend and his brother serve as Best Men. They told some of the funniest and most ridiculous stories about Mike. Mike was totally getting embarrassed. I was getting worried because the guys were talking so long and my sisters (who were serving as Maids of Honor) hadn’t even had their turn yet!

4. It's okay to admit it - did you have any Bridezilla moments?

I give myself a pat on the back because I never got crazy! Haha… If I felt a moment coming on, I would reach out to my wedding planner.

5. Did you have a wedding planner? If so, did it make your day run smoother? Was it worth it?

My wedding planner was Kristin Barse with Bel Momento. SHE WAS ABSOLUTELY HANDS DOWN INCREDIBLE! Without Kristin, my wedding would not have been the amazing celebration it was. I will never be able to thank her enough for all her hard work. My wedding day was a nautical dream come true and she totally saw my vision. Hiring a wedding planner was totally worth it…

6. Cake or cupcakes? What was the flavor?

We had a 3-tier wedding cake with two layers of cannoli and one layer of hazelnut. Mike liked the cannoli and we made that the top tier since we’d be saving it. Although, we are quite terrified of what it might be doing in our freezer! We’ll probably get another made on our anniversary. We had an anchor with our initials and a starfish as our topper! We also had a ‘donut cake’ with a police car topper. My husband works in law enforcement and this was our way to poke a little fun at his career. We had personalized koozies and a candy buffet for our guests! I just hope everyone went home with one because I seem to have way too many leftover. The candy only recently was finished!

7. We always try to bring your floral dreams to life...did we succeed? In what ways? Is there any room for improvement?

I was so incredibly fortunate because there was a wedding at my venue the day before which was also having flowers from A Garden Party. Some of the flowers that were there the day before were left for my wedding. It was a really special and a very sweet touch because I think those added flowers made my big day all the more incredible. I think A Garden Party beyond succeeded in my wedding. I loved the rope wreath they created for me that hung behind our ‘sweethearts’ table on the mantel. It displayed a large S and had shells attached. A Garden Party is my absolute favorite flower folks for sure!

8. What song really got the party started?

If only I could really recall what was playing! It kind of goes into a blur… BUT, there was one moment where we were all on the dance floor and I was dancing with my brother-in-law. Everyone was circled around us. I decided to shock everyone and I jumped in my stunning wedding gown into a split on the floor! Everyone cheered and clapped. My photographer snapped pictures, too! I think everyone really enjoyed that moment. This bride can get down.

9. Who were your vendors?

Catering - Corinthian Yacht Club of Cape May

Bakery - BakeWorks

Dress - Alfred Angelo

Hair and Makeup - KLS

Entertainment - Center Stage Entertainment

Photographer - Kella MacPhee

Photobooth - The Photobooth Dude

Invites/Stationary - Bailey Viola, Just Be Studio

10. I'm sure your day was amazing, but if you could change one thing about your wedding what would it be? Or would you not change anything at all?

My wedding was the best party I’ve ever been to in my entire life! My neighbors who are elderly came and said it was the best wedding they had ever had the pleasure of attending. They sent ME a thank you for inviting them. I don’t think I would change a thing about my wedding day. Except, I’d like to have had my grandparents present. I know they were there in spirit! My wedding was perfection from top to bottom. All the vendors that my wedding planner suggested were AMAZING. I could not have had my day without them!