A Special Look into A Garden Party: A Personal Message from Dawn and Mary

There is something special about owning a business that shares the same address as my home.  There's a ton of flexibility, obviously, no commute or traffic to deal with.  I can pop into the shop and make arrangements after hours, for the last minute anniversary gift or birthday surprise.  I can do flower orders during nap time, or invoices in my pajamas.  But more than blurring the lines between my personal life and professional one,  A Garden Party has become a synonym for coming home.  Brides that we meet for consultations are considered guests just as much as they are clients.  I work with family and friends as my business associates, and my landscaping and gardens double as products for weddings and events. When you come to A Garden Party, you are stepping into my life, my family, and my heart.  My sister and I have grown together with this business, and every detail of it, no matter how grand or small, has a piece of us.  Recently we decided we wanted to give a more intimate look into where we work and what we do, and that's what we're featuring today.

Thank you, Tami Melissa Photography, for these personal and bright photographs, that show our shop in its best light and represent everything we work so hard and have sacrificed so much for.  It means so much that you would do this for us, and we are truly grateful.

Thank you, Be Films, for being so open for what we wanted our promotional video to contain. You really took the reigns to put it all together in a way that can give our clients, both past and potential, a glimpse at what it's like to part of A Garden Party.  And despite how nervous we were, you made us feel so comfortable and natural!

Thank you, Jess Spina at Your Day Your Way, for glamming us up so we could look and feel extra special and confident.  It always amazes me how much this talented make-up artist can make me feel like the best version of myself, beautiful inside and out.

And thank you to our brides!  To all of our brides, for supporting us, trusting us, inspiring us, and recommending us.  Especially to Tara and Samantha, the lovely ladies who were good enough sports to come to the studio and participate in our promotional video- we appreciate it!

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This is the sign you will probably fly by as your checking your GPS to make sure you're in the right place.  This sign always tugs at my heartstrings- my husband made it out of wood from my Poppop's barn.  I told you, there is meaning behind everything here!


Our custom Abbey Malcom Press door sign.

A-Garden-Party-Florsit-Design-Studio-0014 A-Garden-Party-Florsit-Design-Studio-0036

This is the workshop portion of the studio.  This is where the magic happens, cutting and arranging flowers, wrapping bouquets, taking inventory, and general chaos.


I'm sorry, not chaos, "creative freedom."  Another example of the genius that is Abbey Malcom Press.


Where it all begins!  This is our consultation room, where we first meet our brides and discuss themes and colors, and go over all of our options for rental items and decor.



We have options for practically anyyyyy vision.  Here are some of our vases, candle holders, table numbers, and chandeliers...


...mason jars, log stands, cheese boxes, driftwood, lanterns, sea shells...


...chairs, chalk boards, bird cages, milk crates.

 This is just the sneak peek, you should see our attic!  Don't worry, we can help you navigate so it's not as overwhelming.


We love thank you cards from our brides.  They are the reason we do what we do, and keeping them on display is motivational and inspiring.


Our linen samples!  We love to encourage our brides to think about different linens for their tables.  The right linen color can dramatically change the vibe of your reception, and can even help your centerpieces look even fuller and brighter.

And now, for the feature presentation!  You can find more photos of our studio and the video via the info portion of our website, but we wanted to write this blog post to directly communicate to you how much we depend on you to keep living our dream and doing work that we love so much.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

XOXO Mary and Dawn

A Garden Party from Be Films on Vimeo.