Stone Harbor Wedding Florist : Becky & Greg at the Reeds at Shelter Haven feat. Bride Diaries


 Who knew a rainy day in Stone Harbor could look so bright!  Today's wedding features coral wedding flowers, teal rain boots, patterned bridesmaids dresses and enough rustic accents that even Pinterest is jealous.

Becky and Greg were planning for a beach wedding in Stone Harbor NJ, but had to face the greatest fear of every outdoor bride - grey skies and torrential downpour.  Luckily, this couple was open and willing to alter their plans and have a ceremony and reception that was even more beautiful than they planned for.

The Reeds at Shelter Haven did a great job at accompanying the last minute changes, providing a ceremony space that could fit the guests and still have aesthetic appeal.  Becky sent over these photos by Spark Photography from Philadelphia- look at how happy and comfortable everyone looks, it completely distracts you from the fact that it wasn't a bright and sunny day. See more photos of their Stone Harbor wedding here.

  Take a look at this cheery coral and white wedding below!

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I'll take these Hunter boots, size 8 please.

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Becky's teardrop-shaped bouquet was a mixture of peach juliet roses, peach hypericum, godetia, coral charm peonies and spray roses.




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This is just too cute!  They look like they're having so much fun.


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Becky's bridesmaids had simple bouquets, made up of white stock and wrapped in rope to go with the nautical-beach theme.

P.S.  Her sisters were awesome! Love a nice sister gang!


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Greg's bout was white waxflower wrapped in twine. Check out this ring box - we told you there'd be rustic accents!



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The aisle arrangements were bunches of white stock, white astilbe, and babies breath arranged in our tin buckets.  We used our huge silver vases packed with spirea as the altar arrangements to help define the space.


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 Single stems of stock were placed in a vase in memory of loved ones.

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Talk about making an entrance!  We love this look of clustering our entire assortment of buckets around the entrance to the reception.  Having each bucket hold its own species of flower helps create even more dimension and diversity, even though they are all white.




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We wrote out the guest list on these rented window panes to go along with the rustic beach theme Becky wanted.  Small bud vases helped the table feel complete.


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The chalkboard sign, old pictures, vintage cake stand and milk glass vases really made this cake table a work of art.  We added lamb's ear, astilbe, and juliet roses for added decoration.


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These petite centerpieces were the perfect finishing touch for Becky and Greg's reception area.  Dusty miller, peonies, astilbe, lamb's ear and ranunculus filled the sets of 3 at every table.

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Congratulations, Becky and Greg!  Thank you for being such great, fun clients!

Becky's Bride Diaries 

What was the most standout, "Wow!" moment of your wedding day? The most stand out “wow” moment of our day was definitely the first look. Spending the night before and day of the wedding away from each other was hard and it was so comforting to be together and see how everything came together. All of the butterflies and worries about details melted away at that moment. We were so happy and excited. The rest was icing on the cake from there!

We know things don't always go as planned...Were there any entertaining wedding bloopers? The biggest blooper was the weather! We planned a wedding at the shore because we have spent so much time there together having fun in the sun! The plan was for the ceremony and cocktail hour to be outside on the grass. But with torrential downpours and high winds at ceremony time we went with Plan B. Fortunately Plan B was beautiful and with all of the flowers, vases, and loving and friendly faces, it didn’t feel like a “plan B” at all. Guests were eventually able to get outside and enjoy a sunset which was a huge surprise. Unfortunately the bottom of my dress did not survive all of the muddy feet coming in! It’s a good thing you only wear it once!

Any wedding toasts that made you laugh til you cried? Cry your eyes out? Gasp in shock? None of our speeches came from experienced public speakers. They were all so touching and heartfelt and it meant so much to us that they got out there and spoke for us. My sister had her hands full with her sleeping 10-week old son in tow, but still got laughs and tears out of the crowd!

We don't judge! Did you have any Bridezilla moments of weakness?

The biggest bridezilla moment came the Tuesday before the wedding. It was very evident to me that the rain was coming! Despite the best efforts of the groom, mother of the bride, and bridesmaids, I had a good cry over the fact that the image of what the wedding would look like was not going to come to fruition. A good cry goes a long way. After that, we rolled with the punches. We made it fun with umbrellas and wellies and got some really fun pictures in the mean time!

Cake or cupcakes? What was the flavor and theme? We went with a red velvet cake with lemon curd filling and cream cheese icing. We wanted a very simple and elegant look with beautiful flowers on each tier. Passed milkshake shooters, miniature ice cream sandwiches, and eclairs and cannolis were also a huge hit with guests. We enjoyed cake the next morning when we ate the pieces that were left on our nightstands. Beautiful and delicious!

We always try to bring your floral dreams to life...did we succeed? In what ways? Is there any room for improvement? Flowers were a huge success! The bridal bouquet was just what I envisioned. It complemented the bridesmaids’ dresses beautifully and was so unique. I was thrilled with the choice of stock bouquets for the bridesmaids- I kept snatching them away from the girls and sniffing them. The boutonnieres were perfect- especially the ring bearer’s!

I have received so much positive feedback regarding the centerpieces and window pane table numbers. I was also thrilled with the buckets of flowers along the aisle. I really don’t remember much about that walk down the aisle, but I do remember thinking how full and elegant the buckets looked. I also was really happy how they were all placed together in the entry-way of the ballroom- this was a great touch! I was really happy with all of the flowers and know that they helped make the rainy day a little more sunny!

What song really got the party started? The band was a huge success! The party was already started, but Shout! really got the crowd on their feet.

Who were your vendors?

Catering- The Reeds at Shelter Haven

Bakery- The Reeds at Shelter Haven

Dress- Le Spose Di Gio- The Wedding Shoppe, Wayne PA

Hair- Katie Cotton (Salon True, Ardmore PA)

Makeup- Christina Towler-McClure

Entertainment- The Renaissance Orchestra

Any other vendors you would like to credit?

Spark Photography

The Lobster Loft (Sea Isle) Rehearsal Dinner

Uncle Bill’s Pancake House- Morning-After Brunch

Fred’s Tavern- After-Party

I hope your wedding was exactly as you imagined it would be, but are there any details that went above and beyond your expectations? Anything you wish you would've done differently? We were just thrilled with how much fun all of the guests seemed to have. All of our friends, family, and vendors really made the day about us and melted all of the stress away. All of the details really came together and we were so happy to celebrate with those people who are closest to us!

If we could, we would have slowed down time and stopped to have smelled the roses. Weddings always go too fast for us, and this one went way too quickly. I didn't make a list of extended family and friends who I wanted to get formal pictures with, so I don't have a lot of either extended family. I realized this 2 days later driving home from the shore! I would recommend that brides make that list and have someone in charge of rounding up those people!

Thanks for sharing your words of advice Becky! Thank you for selecting us to be a part of your special day, it was a pleasure getting to know you and your family. Please visit us again!