Avalon Wedding Florist : Allison & Eric at the Windrift Hotel feat. Bride Diaries

The last time we posted a blog about the Windrift hotel, we raved about The More We See Photography and their amazing work.  Here we are again with the same venue, same photographer, and same AMAZING results!!  If this combination happens every time we work in Avalon, we will have no complaints!

Allison and Eric had a blissfully sweet wedding this past fall that warmed our hearts - we love when a client can appreciate a wildflower approach to their arrangements, and the succulents in Allison's bouquet gives her gorgeous flowers a run for their money.  Enjoy this creative collaboration about what we think fall at the beach should always look like!



We are so proud of this bouquet.  As always, we have to credit a bride with eloquent, timeless and unique taste.  Allison's bouquet was made of anemones, dahlias, scabiosa, sea star fern, succulents and ranunculus.


If I were a bridesmaid, I would be so relieved to have a friend take care of me like this!!  These dresses are so flattering!!  The length, the color, the lace...this is like the trifecta of perfect combinations.  Allison scores 10/10 in our book.   Oh yes, and their fresh and lovely flowers are the cherry on top!  Packed with more anemones, dahlias, and vitality roses, the bridesmaid bouquets were smaller replicas of Allison's.

14_10_18_allison_eric_0283 Eric's bout was a simple stem of scabiosa stellata, with some berry and small succulent.  This is a very sturdy, masculine look, and incredibly unique.   14_10_18_allison_eric_0282 14_10_18_allison_eric_0194

Magazine cover right here!  There's a lot to say about a couple who will get barefoot on the beach in their formal attire!

14_10_18_allison_eric_0200 14_10_18_allison_eric_0251 14_10_18_allison_eric_0355

For Allison and Eric's ceremony, the couple rented these iron trees, which we decorated with curly willow, hanging moss and greenery.  We added some cafe au lait and ivory dahlias, roses, and green amaranthus to create some more dimension.   Those dinner plate dahlias at the base (which were grown right here at the shop, by the way) are insannnneeeeee.


How cool are these white pumpkins??  It's so rare to see pumpkins at a beachy venue, but they are such a perfect fit here.  We carved out the centers so that they could be used as vases for more dahlias and amaranthus, and used them as aisle arrangements!



We kept the centerpieces relatively simple.  The long tables at the Windrift allow for a lot of different options, and here we have Allison's choice of gold mercury bud vases and votives.




14_10_18_allison_eric_0366  We will say it until we're blue in the face...having nice linens makes such a difference!  Even by just adding a navy blue striped table runner, the checkerboard arrangement of floating candles and white vitality roses looks so much more sophisticated and classic.  14_10_18_allison_eric_0471 14_10_18_allison_eric_0479

The Windrift has this great spot where there are a line of windows...every time we book this venue we insist on adding candles here.  Could be happier with Allison's choice of our diana candelholders with floating candles, accented with navy blue and white striped ribbon.

14_10_18_allison_eric_043314_10_18_allison_eric_0513 14_10_18_allison_eric_0472

Had to pop these beauties on the cake because there is absolutely no such thing as too many dahlias.

14_10_18_allison_eric_0550 14_10_18_allison_eric_0556

Poor Allison!!!  We hope she got him back!

Congratulations, and hoping you continue to have tons of fun and happiness in your marriage!! XOXO

Allison's Bride Diaries

What was the most standout, "Wow!" moment of your wedding day?

                         We had a smaller-scale wedding (100 guests) and the majority of our guests are all very close friends.  Each guest had so much love for every single person there and there was a moment toward the end of the night where we felt very overwhelmed by the amount of love and support in the room (not just for us, but our guests all love each other too!).  It was a very unique feeling to have every person you love in the same room together.

 We know things don't always go as planned...Were there any entertaining wedding bloopers?

We were lucky - all went as planned!

Any wedding toasts that made you laugh til you cried? Cry your eyes out? Gasp in shock?

The toasts were incredibly heartfelt.  I gasped a little when the groom interrupted the maid of honor speech to explain his physical attraction to her at first glance.  He was very descriptive, if you know what I mean..hahaha.  Everyone laughed and I think I only turned red for a few seconds.

We don't judge!  Did you have any Bridezilla moments of weakness?

YES.  At my 2nd dress fitting, it didn't even feel like I was wearing the same dress I had on only a few weeks prior at my first fitting.  It was all wrong - too tight where it should have been loose, and too loose where it should have been tight. And I panicked.  The seamstress was so sweet and assured me it was normal to have to make several adjustments.  By the time the wedding day came, the dress fit so perfectly that it looked like it had been custom-made specific to my measurements.

Did you have a wedding planner? If so, what did he/she do to make your day run smoother? Did they fulfill your expectations?

No, we did everything ourselves!  It was a group effort and I couldn't have done it without our wonderful friends and families.

Cake or cupcakes? What was the flavor and theme?

We had cake AND ice cream!  Our cake was chocolate chip pound cake with buttercream icing.  It was a very simple and modern 3 tier round cake that Mary added some beautiful flowers to.  We had each of our favorite ice cream flavors shipped from Penn State (where we both graduated from)!

*Editor's note : The Penn State Creamery is the best ice cream around, ever. Definitely worth having this shipped in!

We always try to bring your floral dreams to life...did we succeed? In what ways? Is there any room for improvement?

A Garden Party was a joy to work with!  We had a quick engagement and Mary and Dawn made the planning process effortless.  They were able to exceed my expectations while staying within our budget.  The fact that many of the flowers and greens they use in their arrangements are grown on-site or locally sourced made them even more desirable.  With very little guidance from me, they were able to pull together all of the elements we were looking for and created a beautiful backdrop for our day/evening!  I most appreciated their extreme creativity, attention to detail and professionalism.

What song really got the party started?

We had a lot of motown and 70's funk that kept the dance floor full all night!

Who were your vendors?

Catering- Windrift Resort

Bakery- Philly Cake Maker

Dress- Stefan Jolie (Purchased at Bijou Bridal in Paramus, NJ and alterations done at their Ardmore location)

Hair and Makeup- Hair by Your Day Your Way and makeup by Dionne DiLullo

Entertainment- DJ Ben from The Remixologists

Any other vendors you would like to credit? Just our amazing photographers and Great American Trolley Company for transportation


I hope your wedding was exactly as you imagined it would be, but are there any details that went above and beyond your expectations?  Anything you wish you would've done differently?

When we had our first consultation with Dawn, we talked about the ceremony decor as being some branches and hanging moss.  I couldn't believe what I saw when I was walking down the aisle!  We didn't have branches and moss, we had trees that looked like they were out of a fairy tale!  There were vines and roses climbing and dahlias as big as my head and adorable white pumpkins adorned with flowers.  The textures and colors perfectly matched the vegetation on the dunes below and just made the ceremony feel extra special.