Locally-Grown Wedding Florist : Sharing Our Gardens

The other day, Dawn and I (Cristina) were in the office when Mary came bursting in.  

"Dawn, I got up early and did my work - can I please please go outside?"

It was no different than a little kid asking a parent for permission to play after homework, right down to the hope in her eyes as she waited for the decision.   With Dawn's approval, Mary ran out to the gardens that surround our shop in Elmer, NJ and proceeded to dig up weeds and joyfully planned the position for her new apple trees.  We see her pop up under our windowsills in the office as she lovingly tends to her second species of children. 

It is that joy, of getting their hands dirty so that others may enjoy that beauty, that makes A Garden Party so successful.  The motivation is pure, and the satisfaction of watching those little green sprouts come up from the ground is endless.  

This is also why there is such appreciation that surrounds the clients whose only request for wedding flowers are "locally grown, in season."  Because it is these brides who get a direct result of that joyous time Mary and Dawn have in their gardens.  These are the flowers we can walk right outside and cut.  These are the flowers that come from growers that we know personally, a stone's throw away, when the conversations are more casual than business.  They are fresh, unique and always offer a surprise.  

As the growing season begins again, we are happy to share the beauty in these two weddings that feature 100% locally grown flowers.  Enjoy!

Emily had a ton of personal details in her wedding.  She made her husband's bow-tie and pocket square, and even sewed her own gown!  Emily's floral collection included dahlias, amaranthus, zinnias, dusty miller and magnolia leaves.  Thank you Julie Hagenbuch Photography for these images!

Emily chose this serene setting behind Cape May Winery for the couple's ceremony.  We filled our galvanized buckets with bunches of fresh dahlias, greenery, magnolia leaves, lisianthus, dusty miller and berries.

In Emily's own words : "Thank you guys so much for creating beautiful flower arrangements for our wedding day.  They were so perfect, and they made everything feel so magical.  I wore the flower crown the day after the wedding, and also the weekend after during our reception party back in Pittsburgh.  The flower crown still looked great and I have it hanging in my craft room.  I have my bouquet drying in the closet!  I think the smell of dill will always remind me of my wedding day!  Every time I open the closet, I smell it and it makes me smile."

We were delighted to receive these images from Elvira Kaviste Photography from Jenny and Jonathan's wedding.  You've definitely already seen some on Instagram - they were too good not to share!  Jenny had a very textural floral crown, with blue thistle, wax flower, orchid and touches of greens.  

Beautiful!  Jenny's bridal bouquet was a lush arrangement of dahlias, ranunculus, sunflower, thistle, scabiosa pods, touches of berries, seeded eucalyptus and greenery. 

We love the vibrance in Jonathan's bout, an orange ranunculus with a scapiosa pod.

Thank you, to our "locally-grown" couples.  We have such a connection to these flowers before they walk down the aisle with you, and we are grateful to have amazing clients that allow us to continue to have passion in our work. 

Mary Coombs