South Jersey Wedding Florist : Bohemian Chic with Love Story Studios

We've reached the final part of our Love Story Studios photoshoot series, with a bright bohemian inspired look.  Your Day Your Way went for a long fishbraid and bold lashes and we matched our decor with a fun, laid back and beautiful vibe.  

The couple for this photoshoot is actually me, Cristina and my husband, Kevin!  You may remember that Tami & Ryan were the photographers for our wedding, so we were more than happy to help them out and try our hand at modeling.  I don't think we'll be getting paid for it anytime soon, but who could say no to getting dressed up by Jess Spina and A Garden Party? 

It was so much fun to be able to see what it would be like to try a different style and theme than what I went for at my own wedding.  Mackenzie of Love Story Studios was an ANGEL to work with - seriously, patient and great with directions.  We are probably the least photogenic people I know, and she worked some magic angles to produce some gorgeous art.  I am happy to share these fun summer images with you and hope you enjoy them, too!

Sunflowers, amaranthus, delphinium, cosmos, orange asclepias, lavender and greenery came together for a huge, wilde, cascading bouquet of glorious color and texture.  

I love that this floral crown matched so perfectly with the bouquet.  The size was great - too big to be considered delicate, but not overwhelming at all.  It was like the Goldilocks of floral accessories, with a focal sunflower, astilbe and craspedia.

We kept it bright with Kevin's bout, focusing on that cute yellow stem of craspedia and some green. 

The gorgeous property where we staged this shoot was actually the home of one of our newest employees, Sarah!  She used her parents house for her own wedding, and offered it, knowing the potential that it has.  

Our sweetheart set up was on an old wooden table, complete with scattered rose petals, brass candlesticks and tapers, and a bull skull adorned with flowers.  The mix of natural muted tones with the pops of colors is what makes bohemian so fun - there are no real rules, and usually the more wild the better.

If you've come to our studio here in Elmer, you'll notice the iron cage hanging above the front entrance.  We change it's contents seasonally, and think it would be a great statement piece for any wedding or ceremony backdrop.  For this shoot, we hung it from the tree above the sweetheart table for a dramatic effect that continued to tie together our floral theme.  

We actually had a very intricate ceremony set-up, macrame curtains with woven flowers that would have finished off our bohemian theme.  But when the storm came through before we had a chance to hang it, we knew we'd have to improvise with a different kind of shot.  Mackenzie had no problem marching out into the rain to get these great images - I love how clearly you can see each drop!  Every outdoor bride knows that there is a risk with the weather - but by remaining calm and open, and listening to your vendors, you'll realize that it comes with opportunity as well. 

Thank you so much for joining us for this photoshoot series, and keep an eye out for Love Story Studios.  We can't see what their future holds! 

Mary Coombs