South Jersey Wedding Florist - Jersey Fresh with Love Story Studios

After a few chaotic weeks, we are back to blogging with Part 2 of our Love Story Studios photo shoot!  Today's featured shoot was staged at A Milkhouse Party, where we of course had to display a Farm to Table theme wedding.  The vibrant colors, mixed produce and rustic elements completely embodied what A Milkhouse Party was all about - a bit of mismatch, a bit of soul, and a lot of fun! We are so excited to present this work from Love Story Studios as a way to show what a rehearsal dinner or group dinner party would look like.  Enjoy! 

The floral arrangements for this series of the photo shoot let us fly freely with creativity.  Mixed fruits and vegetables were added in with the flowers and greenery to completely emcompass the "farm-to-table" theme. Sometimes it's hard to find flower selections that match the colors that we imagine, but the fruit gave us great range.  Can you spot any in the bouquet?  

Getting the crown on without messing up the gorgeous hair and make up details by Your Day Your Way

Intricate floral crowns are not only wildly popular, they are also showstopping accessories.  Just look at the textures and colors this model is wearing!  Bridal bouquets take such thought and personality, but can't realistically be carried around all day.  Floral crowns are a great way to continue to "wear" your flowers throughout your wedding day (or any other special event!) for when your bouquet takes a break.

Even the bout got a bit of fruit!  Berry touches and twine showed that the smallest elements deserve attention and detail to fit a theme. 

The wedding may be staged, but the love is real!  Danielle & Jeff are a real married couple, former clients of Tami & Ryan Photography, the founders of Love Story Studios.  They were great sports for our styled shoot and we loved meeting them and being able to play!

We loved the idea of an authentic Milkhouse Party, using vintage galvanized watering cans and pulley's that we found when we first cleared out the building.  It's so much fun getting a bit resourceful with decor, and these wildflower arrangements were the perfect fit. 

Our beloved Milkhouse, all dressed up and ready to party.  This idea for a Jersey Fresh dinner party glows with the potential.  If you like this look, book here!

A garland runner made of greenery, blueberries, strawberries, plums and the brightest cherries we've ever seen was sent down the length of the table, with bright pink peony arrangements and lanterns giving some dimension to the setting.  Mason jars, milk bottles, mismatched china settings, vintage cloth napkins and yes, PEPPER name cards completed this sweet and rustic table.

We were ranting, raving, and drooling over this adorably scrumptious looking cakes from the Cake Stand Bakery.  Their petite size allowed us to set them on bronze candle holders for a gorgeous display.  

Thank you so much to our models, and to Love Story Studios photographer, Jackie!  Your work shines, and we can't wait for our next collaboration!

Mary Coombs