When It Comes to Flowers, Bigger is Better

We live in a world where the growing trend is "less is more."  Minimalist style.  Tiny Houses. Less screen time.  Less sugar (ughhhh).  We've tried the smaller portion diets, cleaning out junk from our houses, and going back to the simple basics when it comes to entertainment with our families.

But darn it, when it comes to flowers, BIGGER IS BETTER!

No matter what your theme, venue location, or season - big, lush bouquets will always win our hearts.  Don't believe us?  Check out some of the gorgeous bunches of floral goodness below and just try to convince us to downsize.  We won't hold our breath. 



We've divided up some of our favorite loud and proud bouquets by season, so you can see how awesome they look all year round!  Spring is usually full of whites, peach, blush and light greens.  Having larger blooms as focal points keeps bouquets looking structured - think huge peonies, roses or anemones.





The summer wedding season is SO much fun for us because of all the different routes you can go.  Spring is typically geared towards garden arrangements, but in the summer anything is game.  The beach, the garden, the forest - you name it, we will design for it!

While many large bouquets cascade towards the ground, we love the wider look as well! Usually ferns, amaranthus or other types of vines help create a balanced look.  Ribbons are also a great way to add dimension, and can be used for any season or color scheme.


There isn't too much to we can say about fall bouquets because the pictures truly speak for themselves.  When the flowers match the season and what's happening in nature, it doesn't matter how many times we return to the same venue - it is always a different look.  With the constant change in colors during the fall season, we love mimicking what we see outside each week.


I mean honestly, what better time of year to go nuts with your florals than winter, when everything else is dead?  This is when they truly pop!  Layers of trailing vines and greenery were spruced up with touches of rose gold to literally make this bouquet shine. 

With such great options, it's too hard for us to pick a favorite time of year for design! However, it's not hard for us to say that we love these huge overgrown bouquets.  It's like when you see the fat rolls babies - it's proof that they are healthy and well-loved.  So while we admit that sometimes the "less is more" approach is an improvement on many aspects of life, we will argue until we're blue in the face that our beautiful bouquets are not one of them! 

Mary Coombs