Channel Your Inner Fairy With These Woodland Wedding Details

There's a reason that creatures such as fairies, mermaids and wood nymphs are consistently popular in story-telling.  They're magical, beautiful creatures that have just enough relation to humans to seem real.   Fairy Gardens are always our most popular class at A Milkhouse Party, and fake mermaid tails flood our Instagram feeds every summer.  

What better day to be inspired by the mythical than on your wedding day?  After all, it's a day described by most as a "fairy tale," full of love and romance and yes - magic.  We've rounded up some of our favorite woodland wedding items to bring out the inner fairy in all of us.


Outdoor Ceremony

If you're feeling your inner fairy wanting to spring out, obviously a woodsy wedding ceremony is ideal.  However, we have a few ceremony options that can give a natural vibe to even the most modern venue.  Wreaths for trees, arches and canopies can all be customized depending on the season and color scheme for your dreamy woodland vision.

Wooden Accents and MossMossMoss

There's a certain sense of enchantment when we can bring the outdoors in and embrace the beauty of nature in centerpieces and decor.  Our collection of wooden stumps, wood slices and lanterns are a way to maximize the forestry elements of these fairy-inspired events.  


Floral Accessories 

Okay, so there may be very few brides out there who are thinking of dancing down the aisle in fairy wings.  (Unfortunately) we think it may be frowned upon given the sincerity of the event.  However, there are some fun floral accessory options that are wedding-day approved to show a touch of your inner sprite. 

Floral crowns are a given, but have you thought about dressing up other features?  The gorgeous shoulder piece (left) would be a stunning statement piece, working your flowers right into your gown, or floral jewelry (center) is sure to never go out of style.  Don't keep all the fun to yourself, either - adorable flower girls love sporting these crowns!

Fairy Lights 

I mean, it's right in the name!  Fairy lights are called just that because of the warm, twinkling glow they add to any event.  Wrapped tightly around branches or loosely displayed in lanterns, it's as if Tinkerbell herself came and sprinkled her pixie dust throughout the scene.  These are such an easy add on - they always look good, and are great substitutes for venues that don't allow the open flames from candles.

Floral Trees 

We love our handmade centerpiece "trees."  We use bark, willow and moss to form a base before adding branches of flowers for a wild display.  These make guests feel as if they're part of their own fairy garden scene and are probably our favorite centerpiece option because of how fully they are drawn from what we see in nature every day.

Feeling our Fairy Inspiration? Be sure to join our next Fairy Garden Workshop at A Milkhouse Party on Wednesday, June 28th at 3pm!

Mary Coombs