A Garden Party Inspiration : Our Favorite Florists to Follow

I once read that nothing is 100% purely original.

As much as we consider ourselves creative, innovative souls, the truth of the matter is that we all find inspiration from somewhere.  We may build off of a previous idea, add our own twist or a feature that has never been done before, but we as artists need fellow creators so that our craft will continue to evolve. 

We're so thankful to have been put in touch with some of the most talented in the business through Chapel Designers.  Since joining this network of florists, we've been introduced to different styles from around the world.  If you are planning your wedding, interested in floral design or heck, just like looking at pretty things - boy, do we have a special treat for you today!  We've compiled a list of our favorite designers to follow for loads of inspired, creative designs and stunning selections of imagery.

Prettiest Instagram Feed: 



We are in such awe of this designer.  Her work ranges from large scale scenery to adorable plays on magazine images, giving you a sense that beauty blooms from anything she touches.  We can't imagine how gorgeous her shop must be in person when her Instagram alone is pretty dream-worthy.   Each and every one of the images she shares are something you would find in an editorial shoot for some high-end celebrity - if you are looking for some whimsical bliss to add to your life, this is the account to follow.

Tulipina Instagram Feed

Tulipina Instagram Feed


Most Unique Details:

Passion Flower


We're not sure who the first person was who invented floral accessories, but Susan McCleary of Passion Flower for sure has perfected it.  Susan's designs not only do things with flowers that most of us could only dream of, she does it with grace and precision as well.  There are so many layers of details that it's like looking at a prettier version of a Rubik's Cube.  The intricacy of her work is fascinating and we always aim to hit her layer of perfection. 

images taken from  passionflowerevents.com

images taken from passionflowerevents.com


Biggest Trendsetter: 

Botanical Brouhaha


Botanical Brouhaha is the account to follow for all things both on the stage and behind the scenes in the floral world.   Founded by designer Amy McGee, she aims to touch an audience made up of florists as well as boutique flower farmers, with words of encouragement and advice.  Her articles range from how to use certain flowers in arrangement and discussing business relationships, which are all helpful on staying on top of the ever-changing trends in the floral industry.  Her recently launched podcast is sure to be a goldmine of information for anyone who listens.

Images from BotanicalBrouhaha.com

Images from BotanicalBrouhaha.com

Most Informative:

Flirty Fleurs


Flirty Fleurs is a platform that features designers, events and arrangements from all over the country (the world?)  They hold a plethora of information that can be found in their downloadable marketing manuals, magazine, blog, workshops, etc.  The lady behind the site is Alicia Schwede, a she-boss hustler who we greatly look up to for her drive and experience.  The impressive amount of materials that come forth from following this account is invaluable and can be applied to any designer no matter what your style is. 


Most Fun : 

Gromeza Designs


Ozzie!  Just saying our friend's name makes us smile.  Ozzie's account is so much fun to follow since he does such a great job incorporating behind-the-scenes and his personal life into the gorgeous finale of his designs.  A recent father to twins, we've loved watching his journey into fatherhood, his magazine-worthy nursery and the twins' growth marked by giant floral numbers each month.  Don't be fooled by his good humor - the level of quality in his work is nothing to laugh at! 

Best Variety: 

Scarlett & Grace


Scarlett & Grace is a great account to follow because you're never quite sure what you're going to get.  The events they style range from dark and moody to light and summery to ethereal bride to...flamingos?  They always keep you guessing with what's going to come next, and we love their interpretation for the different party themes they work with.  These designers are a great source of inspiration to show new twists on a classic theme. 


Best Kept Secret:

Oak + Amble


Okay, so it's not a real secret, but we love following Oak + Amble, I think because they kind of remind us of...well, us!  Her captions show a lot of her personality, and her down-to-earth approach has us in love with her because she makes it so obvious that she is simply doing what she loves in her designs.  Her Instagram is jam-packed with gorgeous, flowing garden-style bouquets so if you're looking for a new pretty account to scroll through and drool over, this one is definitely it. 

Most Colorful:

Michelle Edgemont


From her signature red lipstick to the bold colors that make up most of her arrangements, Michelle Edgemont is here to make an impression.  Flowers, placecards, balloons, straws, napkins - you name it, Michelle will give you the prettiest version you've ever laid your darn eyes on.  Michelle's clients hire her because this is a girl that knows how to celebrate, and her arrangements always seem to be bursting like confetti and excitement.  As Florists growing into Event Designers, we absolutely love this account because it mixes the best of the two worlds together for the best party inspiration around.

Most Grandiose: 

Holly Chapple


Of course it makes sense that the woman behind Chapel Designers, Holly Chapple, makes the list for the most grandiose account to follow.  Her personality makes her the perfect mentor, teacher and inspiration - she's like a floral Oprah meets Martha Stewart.  Holly's work is larger than life and her skills are highly sought after as arguably the best in the business.  If you're looking for the top tier of floral design to follow, it doesn't get any better than this!

Mary Coombs