Holiday Decorating, A Garden Party style

Welcome to December!

Happy December 1st, everybody!  December seemed to come especially fast this year, and we've already noted countless friends posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram of their holiday-decorating taking place.  Our own Holiday Decorating services are in full effect - please call us if you're already exhausted thinking about all the things to do this month and need someone to lug up those heavy bins take care it for you!

Whether you'd like our help or already started your decorating, take a look below for some of our humble advice and services to make this holiday season the best (or at least the prettiest) one yet!


Find your style inspiration.

We personally love turning to the White House for some over-the-top holiday decorating.  Extravagant and varied, it's a great way to see what you're drawn to...this year, maybe not those creepy white trees everyone's talking about #sorryMelania. But other than that one hallway (can't win them all!) our nations capital was transformed to a winter wonderland, perfect to look for some inspiration. 

Source :  ABC News

Source : ABC News

Is there anything NOT to love about this gorgeous winter woodland set up???  Gorgeous for those who like the classic white and dark green aesthetic.

Source :  ABC News

Source : ABC News

Source :  ABC News

Source : ABC News

Source :  ABC News

Source : ABC News

Should've called us!  Some twinkle lights, some silver and white ornaments and flowers and boom! This would have been dream-worthy instead of meme-worthy.

Dust off the Decorations 

Taking out all the bins of ornaments and nutcrackers and seeing the collection as a whole is an easier way to determine where everything should go.  Whether you hire our handy crew of freelance elves to put it all out for you, or do it yourself, it's good to take a look at the inventory all at once.  Just because you've had the same decorations for 20 years, doesn't mean they can't be used in different ways, and our fresh eyes will transform your home as if Santa himself came early.

Ashley decorating sleigh
front of house with sleigh
garland and picture display

Yes, this was actually someone's home!  This extensive collection of Christmas decorations gave us a ton of options and we are obsessed with how it all came together.  It was a ton of work, and we were ecstatic to be able to take that load off someone's hands so that all they had to do was come home and enjoy it.

holiday details
mantle with stockings

Trees, please.

Some clients prefer to leave the tree-decorating for themselves while we take care of the rest of the house and we totally understand the traditional element.  It's amazing how ornament by ornament, these Christmas staples come together to show a whole history of a family.  Again the varied themes of fun and bright, to classic red and gold, to woodsy white are all represented through our clients' trees.

colorful tree
white woodland tree
classic christmas tree

A New Challenge.

This year we had the honor of helping to decorate the Crowne Plaza of Cherry Hill with Jennifer Designs Events.  It was amazing to work on such a large scale project, so if you're in the area be sure to stroll through the lobby and check out some of our handiwork!

hotel decor

Already Decorated?  Prefer to do it Yourself? 

No problem!  We're a hands-on kind of crew, so we totally get those that like to decorate on their own.  However, we have come up with some awesome options to splurge on if you'd like to take your decor the extra mile with either Custom Gift Wrapping, Workshops, or add-ons!

Ribbon Tree Toppers

Starting at $30, these customizeable toppers can be made to fit whichever theme your tree reflects.  We have bold colors and patterns, glitter, elegant and rustic selections to choose from for a show-stopping tree topping.

ribbon topper



A season staple, dress your table up for whatever event you host during the holidays.  Send us a snap of your linen if you prefer, and let us create a fresh arrangement to add even more of a pop to your Christmas decorations. 

christmas centerpiece options



Order one to pick up or come make one yourself!  Gorgeous evergreen wreaths give you season's greetings before you even open the door.  Ribbon bows, pine cones and other seasonal elements are all used to create a warm welcome for every doorway.  Give us a call to order one from us or sign up for our Holiday Wreath Making event on Thursday, December 14th at 6pm.  This class was a HUGE hit last year, so we hope to see you there!

wreath workshop
holiday dec 4.jpg
AGP wreaths

For more DIY Holiday Decorating, check out our Upcoming Workshops with our sister business, A Milkhouse Party!