Elegant Whites at Corinthian Yacht Club

When a bride comes to us wanting all-white florals, it's can be an intimidating challenge.  There is a lot less flexibility in a monochromatic color scheme, especially with white.  Our standards for quality mean that no bruising, no ripped petals and no tinted shades are permitted in order to create the clean, sophisticated look that our client requests.  On top of the color selection, we also have to make sure it's textured, beautiful and artistic. It's ironic that what many may think it is a "simpler" arrangement is actually quite difficult to achieve!

We're going to go ahead and give a round of congratulatory handshakes to our team for such a beautiful display of white flowers for Rachel and Robert's wedding.  Rachel's elegant taste is definitely evident on her wedding day.  It is so fitting that her photographer was the one, the only, Rachel Pearlman, whose signature style can always find the layers of beauty in the simplest of settings. The way she draws out detail in her images separates her from the pack, and her work is truly artistic.  Thankfully, The Knot NJ thought so too and included highlights of this wedding in their print edition!


We're published in this baby! ^^^

We're published in this baby! ^^^

Enjoy Rachel and Robert's wedding at the Corinthian Yacht Club!

white bouquet

Dozens of white roses were arranged together to form Rachel's gorgeous bridal and bridesmaids' bouquets.

bridal party - white wedding flowers

Most shore weddings have navy blue or tan suits for the guys, but we love how sharp and clean these black tuxedos look.

beach wedding - white wedding flowers

Rachel and Bob made a grand entrance into their reception space, taking advantage of our white draping and adding a huge arrangement of white hydrangeas and roses.

white wedding flowers - beach wedding
beach wedding - outdoor reception

The clear top tented reception space at Corinthian Yacht Club is its strongest selling point.  This is the best way to enjoy the gorgeous backdrop of the harbor and all the benefits of having a wedding down the shore without the weather-related risks. 

white and gold wedding decor

Having flowers and candles that were pure white meant that the touches of gold found throughout the decor really stood out and gave the reception a more formal vibe.

beach wedding - place cards

Absolutely loved these geometric marble coasters for the place cards - what a lovely keepsake for guests!

white wedding flowers

The cocktail hour stayed true to the theme, with all white vases, flower arrangements, candles and linens.  

white wedding flowers

The use of mirrors throughout the decor added a unique flair to the designs and created an interesting aesthetic.

white wedding flowers
beach wedding - string lights

An image like this proves that string lights in tented receptions are a total must-have!  

white wedding flowers - cake flowers

Seeing this cake from the OC Cake Studio is bittersweet for us.  We will never forget the unbelievable detail that Darren possessed when it came to his sugar flowers and crafting incredible desserts for his clients. It was truly a passion of his and we are happy he lived a life pursuing his dreams.

white wedding decor

An ice cream bar for the end of the night had a more rustic theme, with the clients' milk can and Cumberland Dairy container giving a nod to Rachel's hometown roots and family dairy business.


Congratulations, Rachel and Bob!