Woodland Florals at Running Deer Golf Club


We have been friends and fans of Running Deer Golf Club for a long time now.  A country club first and foremost, Running Deer offers clean sophistication while also catering to nature lovers with its serene setting down a winding woodland road.  

It seemed only natural that a place called Running Deer would decide to expand their services to include a ceremony space in their surrounding woodlands.  Titled, "The Timbers," we were thrilled to be a part of staging inspiration for future couples in this intimate setting.  We're so proud to invite you to view our collaboration with a pretty talented squad of individuals, and love the way creative juices flowed for this set up.  

Vendors include :

Venue: Running Deer Golf Club, The Timbers

Photographer: Samantha Jay Photography

Hair and Make Up: Your Day Your Way

Lighting: DFX Lighting

Bridal Gown: Sweet Caroline Styles


We wanted to give the standard fall color palette a unique twist with these gorgeous purple anemones.  They were warmed up with red garden roses and mustard yellow bouquet wrap. 

fall - hair flowers

We continued the purple tones in the bride's hair flowers with dark dahlias, mixed with white roses and succulents, and all expertly placed by beauty professional Jess Spina.

Fall outdoor wedding Running Deer bridesmaid red dress

The gowns for this photoshoot were way outside of traditional norms but we are BEGGING someone to replicate this style!  The colors were so vibrant and photographed beautifully in the fall setting.  The bride's dress was from Sweet Caroline Styles - we highly recommend you check out their site if you like to express yourself with your fashion sense.  Her collection is full of mix matched and completely customized looks.

BeFunky Collage7.jpg
Running Deer fall outdoor wedding bout

No detail is too small, and we paid extra attention to this groom's bout.  Layers of stems created a flurry of texture, and the purple velvet wrap coordinated perfectly with the rest of the theme.

Running Deer outdoor ceremony welcome sign

Custom chalk art looks good at any event, but our magnolia leaf garland definitely upped the ante.

Outdoor fall wedding Running Deer

How amazing is this space?!  Strands of cafe lights from DFX Lighting created a loose sense of structure, but the rest of the area is an open canvas to give couples the options of decorating in whichever way they please.  We envision a variety of different canopies that would look incredible, but for this event we selected our birch canopy with a floral garland.  More garland and lanterns bordered the aisle with hundreds of rose petals highlighting the altar.

BeFunky Collage8.jpg

With such a lush green backdrop, we knew we needed some pops of color to make sure this garland really turned the ceremony space into a special stage for a couple reciting vows.  Bright yellow leaves, crisp white hydrangea and touches of fuschia flowers made this piece stand out while still fitting perfectly with the natural setting and fall theme.

Running Deer outdoor wedding ceremony details

Little details like the above lanterns, candles and wooden crates helped make the area cozy and comfortable.

Running Deer fall ceremony aisle arrangements

We love how Samantha Jay can take a beautiful setting and breathe life into it, like with the movement of these rose petals.

BeFunky Collage4.jpg

While there are a million ways to display your seating chart, we can't help but be drawn to the simplicity of our stained wood with vinyl lettering.  It's neat, clean, goes with any setting and is a lot less fuss than putting together 100+ favors with name tags.

Running Deer drink station outdoor

This rustic bar set up is perfect for those who literally want to "grab a drink." 


A "Family Tree" staging is just one of many ways to turn this beautiful outdoor area into your personal love story.  It's our passion to take little ideas like these and bring them all together so that a wedding day truly represents the couple being celebrated.

BeFunky Collage5.jpg
BeFunky 6.jpg

The end result looks like pure magic, but it takes a lot of work to get it there.  So happy to have some behind the scenes shots of the team in action!

BeFunky Collage 6.jpg

Loved this crew and can't wait for future weddings at "The Timbers!"