A Garden Party Friendors : Wedding Planners

Having a wedding planner is an excellent addition to your vendor team for a few good reasons.

1. Kiss Your Stress Goodbye

The biggest and best reason to hire a wedding planner is to save yourself from the stress of figuring out all the million little details of your event by yourself.  After all, you've never planned a wedding before - these professionals work with weddings every weekend, and have found the solutions to most of the major and minor problems you'll probably come across.  Think rain plans, budgets, scheduling appointments, and seating charts - depending on what package you go with, your wedding planner will become your guardian angel of event perfection and a greater source of relaxation than a 5-star spa. 

2. The Inside Scoop

A wedding planner's profession is to know the ins-and-outs of the wedding industry.  This means they know a ton of vendors and will be able to steer you in the direction that fits your budget and style best.  They're also great for scoring discounts with companies that they've set up business relationships with, and will know who delivers impeccable service and the highest quality product. 

3. Day of Perfection

If you hire a professional early on in your wedding planning process, then they will work closely with you in detailing the day of your dreams.  They'll know your personality, your style, what's most important to you during your wedding day, and will be able to execute the event you've been fantasizing about for what was most likely many many months.  Having some background information about you makes these vendors invaluable assets during your wedding day, as they won't be swept up in the rush and romance that makes it somewhat of a blur for most brides.  If you're on the fence about whether or not a wedding planner is necessary, we highly recommend you jump to the side that says "yes!" and hire one of the fantastic companies we've had the pleasure of getting to know!


Renee Patrone

Events By Renee

First up on the list is Renee Patrone of Events by Renee.  Renee is a dear friend with invaluable knowledge of wedding and event-planning that makes her one of the most sought after in the industry in the Philadelphia area.  Renee has been featured on Fox29 news multiple times to give her advice on hosting and is an expert on trends and elegance.  Her business has expanded to include a national service of  "Party Host Helpers" so that no matter what the scale of your event is, she can alleviate some of the stresses of hosting.  

Left: Image taken from the  Events by Renee website  // Right:  Rach Loves Troy Photography

Left: Image taken from the Events by Renee website // Right: Rach Loves Troy Photography

Bel Momento 

Bel Momento Weddings and Special Events

Kristin Barse of Bel Momento is one of our favorite friendors to date!  The events we've worked with her on have been incredibly large-scale, and her cool-under-pressure demeanor is what makes her one of the best.  The two events featured below had an entire team of different vendors, locations, decor options and more - it was enough to make anyone's head spin, but Bel Momento upheld their reputation of executing each stage with perfect precision. Established in 2005, her company stands on passion, experience and a determination to help deliver their clients' love stories. 

(The chalkboard featured in the image above was originally the guest list held to the board with a few pieces of masking tape.  Kristin's sharp eye noticed the eyesore and tracked us down to add some chalk flowers to disguise the tape and help the sign become a work of art.  Just one of the many many details she's responsible for!)

Proud to Plan

Proud to Plan is a company that we are just recently getting to know better, and we are pumped about the future of this relationship!  Always one step ahead of us, they are great at answering questions, figuring out logistics, and incredibly helpful with directing vendors to serve their clients best.  It is so important to book a planner who has a great dynamic with other vendors so that the goal of the team continues to stay focused on you and your day.  We look forward to the upcoming events we have with this crew!

staff photo of Proud to Plan

Kyle Michelle Weddings

Of course as sisters, we love working with sisters!  We've been in touch with the sisters behind Kyle Michelle Weddings for years now, and it has been an exciting journey watching both of our companies grow together.  The bar for their events continues to rise, and each time they manage to raise it a little bit more.  While we absolutely adore the new relationships we have been able to build, there is something to say about having a history with these wonderful ladies.  Their website and social media shows them for exactly what they are - fun, inspiring and really really good at planning gorgeous, upscale events. 

DiSalvo Events & Design

Another recent relationship we see a lot of promise in is Allison DiSalvo of DiSalvo Events & Design.  New to the industry, we are enjoying watching her style unfold and anxiously await the launch of her new website!  Her energy and investment in her clients helped us hit it off right away, and we will happily recommend this budding entrepreneur.  Her company also offers rentals and custom signage, the perfect additions to bring any event to the next level! 

allison disalvo headshot

We hope this helps you on your journey to put together an A+ team of event vendors!